Tenterfield basketball season finishing up

PLENTY OF FUN: Tenterfield's junior basketballers wrapped up their season on Monday.
PLENTY OF FUN: Tenterfield's junior basketballers wrapped up their season on Monday.

As the Tenterfield basketball season comes to a close, we wrap up the year the juniors have had as well as preview the senior basketball grand final.

Juniors Report

What a fantastic end to a wonderful season.

Tenterfield Aussie Hoops basketball ended their season on Monday night.

The season has seen lots of skills, lots of drills and plenty of action.

The juniors have learned a lot over the 15 weeks and have progressed through the Aussie hoops program with great speed.

The committee has enjoyed teaching these new young players that will hopefully return and eventually end up playing in the senior competition.

Tenterfield Basketball association is working hard to bring basketball back to its full glory in Tenterfield.

We would like to thank the parents of the juniors for entrusting us with your kids this season.

See you next year.

Seniors Report

After an intense night of semi-finals, next week will see our grand final for the 2018 season.

The final evening will be next Monday night and is set to commence at 6pm with a decider for third and fourth places.

The game will be contested between the Youngsters and the Phoenixes.

It will be a fast and heated game with both teams playing for the last spot on the podium.

The competition this year has been fierce and competitive and very close.

After 16 weeks of fast-paced action and six teams vying for a shot at the title, it has come down to just two teams.

The Hoopsters, led by Jayson Murphy and Amanda Carpenter will take on the Tropicals, led by Thomas Butler and Jason Maunder.

This game promises to bring plenty of action and passion to the court on Monday night.

These two teams have some of Tenterfield’s best Players in them, and they all love the game.

The Hoopsters enter the grand final with an undefeated record for the season.

But the Tropicals will not go down without a fight.

They have been rivals all year, with a lot of friendly banter between them and close battles, so Monday promises to be the grand final everyone dreams of.

We are very excited about our grand final and we would welcome any spectators to come and support the teams and the event.

Basketball needs supporters and everyone is welcome.

We can’t wait and hope to see all current players as well as anyone who just love the game to come along for a great night of basketball action.

We will finish with a presentation of our top players awards for the season.