River of Life: Progressive road that leads to madness

Christmas is almost here. I can recommend Greg Sheridan’s new book, God is Good for You: A Defence of Christianity in Troubled Times as a quality reading gift.

Greg Sheridan AO has been the foreign editor of The Australian newspaper since 1992 and his well-researched “layman’s” critique as to why God is good for us here in Australia will challenge the most sceptical heart.  

Friends, we are moving rapidly into a post-Christian era.

Should Jesus Christ through the expression of Christianity no longer be king then who will sit on the throne? To assert banishing the Christian faith from our shores “will be the best thing for us since sliced bread” is, at best, fool-hardy. 

If Christianity is lost to us, be assured, another “religion” will fill the vacuum. 

Many pundits fear Islam will rapidly take over. Even though Islam may one day dominate life here in Australia, I strongly suspect Islam will not be our next big challenge, for ascendency already rests with the “new atheists”, the so-called secular moralists, those championing “progressiveness”. 

Indeed they are “the global idealists” who bow their knees to “science” in all its forms, declaring science to be the new king; the new “god” of this world.

They point to this “god” in order to adopt policies including: global interests over national, eliminating national boarders, welcoming mass migration, engineering wealth transfer by blaming climate change, adopting sustainable development thus slowing or stopping all mining and development, turning a blind eye as traditional families are deconstructed, promoting female gender equality at the expense of males, embracing homosexuality and associated gender fluidity, excusing abortion, claiming euthanasia is merciful, that infanticide is socially desirable and all foreign and indigenous religions are welcome; except Christianity! 

Although once recognised in Australia as the foundation stone of our morality and the purveyor of “the fair go”; this new "progressive religion” has worked hard over decades, manufacturing through media and education a mindset that Christianity is evil and our children must be protected from it.

Friends, Australian politics is no long Labor/Green versus Liberal/National. Politics in Australia has become religious and the present fight is between the “progressive globalists” and the “conservative nationalists or traditionalists”. The reason I say “religious progressives” are in ascendency is because they make up 100 per cent of Labor/Green and probably 50 per cent of Liberal/National.

I make no joke when I say that without concerted prayer by the Christian Community we can expect no change. Australian politics will continue to appear busy as both sides rearrange chairs on the deck of the Titanic; but we all know the final resting place of that ship. 

My prayer is that God will raise up men and women, born for a time such as this (Old Testament book of Esther); men and women willing to oppose this “progressive madness” being perpetrated upon us religiously and call it out for what it really is, “destructive”; and do it before it’s all too late.

Because some off us still proclaim Jesus is Lord, we intend to have a Merry Christmas no matter what comes our way! 

Jim Seymour / Pastor www.tp4c.org.au