Bowlo membership surge supports hay giveaway

Just over $3000 was raised by the Tenterfield Bowling Club’s hay drive, reflecting the biggest surge in club membership that campaign organiser Annette Miller has seen.

The drought relief initiative run over September/October resulted in around 200 new memberships with the $5.50 fee plus matching funds from the club all going into a fund to donate hay to local farmers. Another $700 or so was donated over the bar.

This was enough for the club to purchase 42 large bale of Rhodes grass from Casino, sharing a load brought up by hay carter John Claydon. Some on these were distributed at the Tenterfield Saleyards on Sunday, December 2 with more farmers to collect the remaining bales directly from Mr Claydon base at Mole River.


Fourteen local farmers filled out the form to receive the hay, including their PIC (Property Identification Code) to verify they were livestock traders. The hay was distributed between them.

Ms Miller said the farmers were very appreciative of the effort.

“It all worked out well,” she said, as she awaits inspiration for her next big project.