Evacuation alert for those in path of Jennings fire | UPDATE

Large smoke clouds billowed over Jennings on Tuesday afternoon.
Large smoke clouds billowed over Jennings on Tuesday afternoon.


The fire that started in Jennings has burnt more than 6100h hectares, conditions are worsening as the fire spreads quickly.

The fire has spread several kilometres in the past hour and is burning in an easterly direction towards the Bruxner Highway, posing an immediate threat to properties between Mount Lindesay Road and the Bruxner Highway.The fire is moving towards Sandy Hill and Drake.

RFS advises that the fire is large and dangerous.

If you are in the area between Mount Lindesay Road and the Bruxner Highway, you are in danger. Leave now if the path is clear towards Tenterfield.

If the fire reaches your property and it is too late to leave, seek shelter immediately and protect yourself from the heat of the fire.

If you are in the area of Sandy Hill and Drake, be alert to smoke and embers.

An evacuation centre is being established at Tenterfield Memorial Hall on Molesworth Street.


Smoke clings to the ranges to the east of Wallangarra/Jennings on Wednesday morning as a bushfire which started the previous afternoon in hot, windy conditions continues to burn.

The fire has burnt more than 5000 ha and did breach Mt Lindesay Road overnight, RFS public liaison officer Angela Daly said. The latest report she has from 7am this morning said the fire has overshot the road by around 500 metres. Crews are working to contain the fire from spreading any farther east.

There was a danger of toxic fumes being generated by the Boonoo Boonoo landfill site off Mt Lindesay Road should it be impacted. Council’s chief executive Terry Dodds said fire burned around the cell but the cell itself was not affected. This could well change if a stray ember or change of wind direction brings the fire back.

The RFS plans to use aircraft today to spread retardant around the landfill site. Ms Daly said the retardant is a reddish product of mud consistency that is fertiliser-based, with its effectiveness depending on the cover and vegetation around the site. It will be determined whether the retardant can be deployed to contain and steer away the fire.

Should the landfill ignite, residents who are not at risk of fire are asked to stay inside or take sensible protective precautions.

The fire has burnt 5000 hectares and crossed the Mt Lindesay Road.

The fire has burnt 5000 hectares and crossed the Mt Lindesay Road.

There are no reports of property losses to date. Crews are in contact with the small number of property owners in harm’s way who are well-aware of the situation.

Firefighters from both sides of the border are working to contain the blaze, with 22 firetrucks deployed. In addition to the 10 Queensland units, crews from Homestead, Leefield/Mt McKenzie, Sandy Flat, Steinbrook, Liston and Torrington are in attendance, along with National Parks crews.

Qld Fire & Rescue crews conducted backburning operations on their side of the border overnight. There remains a large area of uncontained fire and RFS crews will be building containment lines today and tonight.

There are no road closures in place at this time.