Show results: Creative Kids, Junior Art, Farm Produce and Woodcraft

Creative Kids

Decorated/Painted Rock

(a) 1. Kiarali Holley; 2. Kirsty Brierley; 3. Charlie Miller

(b) 1. Hannah Cruikshank; 2. Jacob Wilson; 3. Angela Tomkins

Best Exhibit:  Hannah-Jae Cruickshank

Playdough Creature

(a) 1. Reid Lockwood; 2. Preston Crotty; 3. Kirsty Brierley

(b). 1. Louis Wait; 2. Beau Sharpe; 3. Annalise Potter

Best Exhibit:  Louis Wait

Paddle Pop Construction

(a) 1. Oliver Denis; 2. Louis Wait; 3. Daniel Tomkins;

(b)1. Beth Phelps; 2. Abby Wilson; 3. Luella Tomkins; 3. Lottie Burke


(a) 1. Felecity Piccini; 2. Oliver Denis; 3. Blair Parker

(b) 1. Beth Phelps; 2. Christopher Piccini; 3. Jake Frith

c.  1. Mitchell Heidrick

Best Exhibit:  Beth Phelps             

Junior Art

Section 1: Preschool and Kindergarten   ‘Colourful Cats’

·        First Prize: Nikki Morrow

·        Second Prize: Sophie Edmonds

·        Highly Commended: Hank Morrow, Isabella Parker, Eivie Pitkin

Section 2: Year 1 and 2    ‘Colourful Clowns’                

·        First Prize: Charlie Matthews

·        Second Prize: Gabriel Powell

·        Highly Commended: Charlotte Dennison, Nate Lockwood

Section 3: Year 3 and 4   ‘Brightly Coloured Flowers in a Vase’

·        First Prize: William Towse

·        Second Prize: Milla Fraguas

·        Highly Commended: Emerson George, Olivia Merchant

Section 4: Year 5 and 6   ‘Colour in Abstract’

·        First Prize: Not to be published

·        Second Prize: Hedley Donges

·        Highly Commended: Milly Sheppard, Mitchell Petrie

·        Special Award: Kurtis Flint-Kinsela

Section 5: Year 7 to 12     ‘Exploring Colour’

·        First Prize: Renee Jenkins

·        Second Prize: Sean Campbell-Sproule

·        Highly Commended: Erin Laurie, Acacia Robinson

Section 6: Year 7 to 12      ‘Young at Heart’           

·        First Prize: Grace Butler

·        Second Prize: Hannah Phelps

·        Highly Commended: Bailee Valenti, Abby Phelps

Section 7: Indigenous Art : Primary  ‘Colours of the Land’

·        First Prize: Mirii McGrady

·        Second Prize: Kristy Brierley

·        Highly Commended: Emilee Edington, Shikya O’Connell

Section 8: Indigenous Art: High School      ‘Colours of the Land’

·        First Prize: Jayden Swan

·        Second Prize: Mirii McGrady

·        Highly Commended: Chantelle Swan, Raymond Jai Evans

Section 9:  Group Project  (Primary and High School)

9.1 ‘Colour-In My World’: Hannah and Co.

Viewer’s Choice: Maya Rhodes, Shania Campbell

Junior Artist 2019: William Towse

Farm Produce


FP4. 2kg White Potatoes: 1. Magner Family; 2. Max Buckley


FP8. Heaviest Table Pumpkin: 1. Magner Family (Champion Large Vegetable)

FP9. Heaviest Potato: 1. Max Buckley; 2. Magner Family

FP12. Heaviest Onion: 1. Max Buckley

FP14. Heaviest Marrow-including Zucchini: 1. Max Buckley; 2. Pepper George

FP 14a:  Heaviest Jam Melon: 1. Magner Family



FP20. Two Butternut: 1. Magner Family

FP22. Two Potkin: Magner Family

FP23. Two AOV Pumpkins: Magner Family


FP25. Two Sugar or Water Melons: 1. Magner Family


FP29. Six Zucchini-not more than 15cm long: Magner Family

FP38. Two AOV Marrows: Magner Family


FP41. 1kg Coloured Tomatoes: 1. L Bridge; 2. Magner Family

FP42. Three Heaviest Tomatoes: 1. Max Buckley; 2. Magner Family

FP43. Six Cherry Type Tomatoes: 1. Marlene Feltic; 2. Pam O’Neill

FP43A: Egg Plant: 1. Max Brearley

FP44. Collection of Tomatoes - at least three varieties: 1. Magner Family; 2. Marlene Feltis

FP45. Three Capsicums: 1. Magner Family


FP46. Six Brown Onions: 1. Max Buckley

FP48. Six Red Onions: 1. Max Buckley

FP51. Bunch of Six Mature Garlic: 1. Gale Galloway


FP54. 1/2kg AOV Beans:  1. Magner Family


FP59. Six Beetroot: 1. Russell Sharpe; 2. Russell Sharpe


FP61. Six Leaves Spinach or Silverbeet: 1. Marlene Feltis

FP62. One Head Lettuce - any variety: 1. Magner Family

FP63. Six Stalks Rhubarb:  1. Marlene Feltis; 2. Molly Trounce


FP65. Three Apple Cucumbers: 1. Magner Family; 2. Magner Family

FP66. Three Long Green Cucumbers: 1. Magner Family


FP68. Three Cobs Sweet Corn: 1. Max Buckley; 2. Sally Trounce


FP77: Best Collection Herbs, Green or Dried; 1. Marie Ihle; 2. Jenny Roos

FP79: Best Collection Vine Crops:  Magner Family

FP81: Best Collection Farm Produce:  Magner Family

CHAMPION EXHIBIT:  Magner Family (Best Collection of Farm Produce)

JUNIOR SECTION (Under 18 years)

FP83. One Pumpkin - any variety: 1. Patrick Magner; 2. Tia Magner

FP84 One Marrow - any variety: 1. Jack Butler; 2. Molly Trounce

FP85. One Squash - any variety: 1. Sebastian Browning; 2. Tia Magner

FP87. Three Carrots - any variety: 1. Faith Makejev

FP88. Three Cucumbers - any variety:  1. Tia Magner; 2. Patrick Magner

FP89. One Head Lettuce - any variety: `. Faith Makejev; 2. Tia Magner

FP90. 1/2kg Beans - any variety: 1. Patrick Magner

FP92. Three Best Tomatoes - any variety: 1. Tia Magner; 2. Patrick Magner

FP94. Six Leaves Spinach or Silverbeet: 1. Faith Makejev

FP97. Best Collection Vegetables: 1. Magner Children; 2. Pepper George

FP97A:  Turnip:  1. Katie Trounce

FP97B: Bunch Radish:  Faith Makejev

CHAMPION EXHIBIT JUNIOR SECTION: Magner Children  (Best collection of vegetables)



FP99. Six Large Brown or Off White: Equal 1st:  Jenny Roos; Jenna Brand

FP100. Six Small White: 1. Faith Makejev

FP103. Six Brown Bantam: Jenny Roos


2019 Tenterfield Show Results


W1 Wooden bowl to 300mm: 1. Trent Rowe; 2. Neville Smith

W2 Any other turning 1. Chas Sheehan; 2. Trent Rowe

W3 Wooden/Jewel Box: 1. Ross Routley; 2. Bill Airs

W4 Miniature (to fit inside 50mm cube): 1. Neville Smith; 2. Chas Sheehan

W6 Marquetry/Scroll Saw: 1. Col Ruming; 2. Chas Sheehan

W7 Hand Wood Carving: 1. Chas Sheehan; 2. Neville Smith

W8 Restored or recycled – must have photo of before restoration: 1. Trent Rowe

W9 Furniture or major constructed work: 1. Greg Graham

W10 Wooden model: 1. Ray Akins (Ford); 2. Ray Akins (Bugattie)

W11 Any other item: 1. Neville Smith; 2. Chas Sheehan


W12 Turned item: 1. Lincoln Rowe; 2. Ayden Rowe

W13 Wooden toy: 1. Ayden Rowe; Commended. Lincoln Rowe

W14 Any other woodcraft: 1. Heath Kelley; 2. Ayden Rowe; Commended. Kiarah Holley

OPEN CHAMPION:  1. Chas Sheehan; 2. Ray Akins

RESERVE CHAMPION:  Ross Routley ( Wooden/Jewel Box)

GRAND  CHAMPION:  Col Ruming (Marquetry/Scroll Saw)