Crematoriums deemed a prohibited development in built-up areas

No crematoriums in the CBD.
No crematoriums in the CBD.

Crematoriums will be zoned out of the centre of Tenterfield township and its villages, even though the prospect of anyone wanting to establish one here is slim.

Councillor Bronwyn Petrie carried through on her promise to push for the change to the Local Environmental Plan. It is a bid to address concerns and fears arising from inaccurate rumours that Tenterfield Funeral's development at the former Craze Maze site on Polworth Street incorporated a crematorium.

Councillors agreed that the development of a crematorium in the RU5 Village zoning table be deemed a prohibited use, alongside the likes of agriculture, airstrips, cellar door outlets, correctional centres and heavy industry.

Cr Gary Verri was concerned the effort was a waste of time as not even larger nearby centres like Warwick or Stanthorpe warrant such a facility, but Cr Petrie countered that no-one has a crystal ball to predict the future.

She said should anyone wish to construct a crematorium, cemeteries are likely locations and it's fortunate that Tenterfield Cemetery is just outside the banned RU5 zone, instead sitting in RU1.

Happily an LEP review is already underway, so the cost of incorporating the prohibited use change will be negligible.