Torrington man threatened to burn down Deepwater couple's home

Glen Innes Local Court
Glen Innes Local Court

A mentally ill Aboriginal man from Torrington threatened to burn down a couple's Deepwater property if they didn't give back his land.

Ian James Robinson stood trial on April 12, charged on two counts of stalking or intimidating to cause a fear of physical harm and a count of behaving in an offensive manner in a public place. He received a community correction order for 12 months.

Court documents described Robinson as a man dependent on cannabis who believed the world was coming to an end, and said he confused cattle for aliens.

Robinson was also alleged to have thrown a massive public tantrum at the front of the Longhorn bar on October 27 last year during the Deepwater markets.


At 8.30am on October 27, Robinson threatened a couple in Torrington, saying he would burn their house down, shoot them and their cattle, and rape the wife if they didn't get off "my f*****g land".

"I am the grim reaper," he yelled.

He was told the police had been called, and he fled in such haste he dropped his wallet.

When later asked about the property, he said that he needed the house for his daughter.

At 9.42am Robinson arrived at the Deepwater markets. He is alleged to have stopped his blue Hyundai sedan in the middle of the New England Highway, and screamed at punters at the Longhorn bar to "get off my land", threatening to burn the pub to the ground.

He only left the scene when a large truck blasted its horn behind his vehicle.

At 10.50am that day, he was taken by police to the Armidale hospital.

When police tried to interview Robinson in November, his partner interrupted them, and demanded they stop recording and leave.

Police say Robinson had been remorseful and apologised, but he claimed not to have gone on the property proper, only stopping at the front gate.

He was later served a court attendance notice. In court documents, the police officer who served him notes:

"I have served on accused/defendant a copy of this notice in person... (he) WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT BEING CHARGED".

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