'Waterwise and hardy' the mantra of horticultural street stall

In what are hard, dry times for gardners, the Tenterfield Horticultural Society turned on a buzzing little street stall last Thursday with Mothers Day in mind, and it proved very successful.

The society's Shirley Bowman said the emphasis was on keeping ticket prices low and providing waterwise, hardy plants (which wasn't too difficult as that's pretty much all that members have in their gardens).


All offerings were propagated by members, with small pots going for a dollar and larger plants for $4, with a selection of home-baked goods also on the stall. Mrs Bowman said everyone was very pleased with the response, and around $400 was raised to support future flower shows.

Helen Wish drew the winning raffle tickets with Kay Gray taking home a basket of Mothers Day treats and Pat Cusack the happy recipient of a pot of succulents donated by Elaine Hickey.

It's been a challenging year for the society with the drought forcing the cancellation of the Spring Flower Show and bushfires forcing a late relocation of the Dahlia and Cut Flower Show.

A decision is pending on whether this year's Spring flower show will proceed, so the successful street stall was a bright spot on a blighted calendar.