UNE has a participant competing for an agricultural start up project in India

Mick Thornett: Solution Blue will be in India from October

Mick Thornett: Solution Blue will be in India from October

UNE SMART Region Incubator has contributed to the ag-tech startups having one participant travelling with the group from NSW who have been selected to travel to India in October. The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) are going to promote our technology in India's growing economy.

"The India Ag-tech Exchange 2019 is an immersion program run by DPI's innovation centre the GATE," DPI Group Director Business Development & Innovation, Bruce Finney, said.

"The exchange aims to explore the opportunities available to embed startup technology from NSW in India's agricultural industry.

"The selected companies will visit four Indian cities and more than 20 companies over 13 days with introductions to venture capital, governments, agricultural companies and Indian start-ups," Mr Finney said.

"This exposure will help these startups to develop on a global scale and to better understand market opportunities and constraints."

"They will also learn what Indian technologies can be used in NSW to increase agricultural benefits, and identify actions that may positively impact NSW agriculture profitability via market development," Mr Finney concluded.

The selected startups in the 2019 program include:

  • Solution Blue - developing sustainable agriculture systems like bug farming and aquaponics for a smarter farming future
  • Agtrix - trusted supply chain systems for the agricultural industry from harvest management to on bound logistics
  • Agriscan - electronic ID tags to allow farmers to move from mob-based averages to individual animal management; readers can read multiple animals simultaneously
  • Flurosat - the world's most scalable, predictive agronomic analytics engine
  • Collaborative Process Unit - allows early detection of pest or disease infestation and damage using advanced sensors, software and data analytics

"The India Ag-Tech Exchange program will help develop successful and ongoing relationships between DPI and Indian hubs, to facilitate bilateral exchanges of agricultural technologies," Mr Finney said.

"As part of the exchange, NSW Treasury - India and DPI will also provide in-country support for an Ag-tech expert to attend the Gate Demo Day in September.

"By building relationships with rapidly growing Indian ag-tech hubs, we will ultimately improve the productivity and profitability of NSW agribusiness," Mr Finney said.

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