Tenterfield's Rescue Helicopter dinner 2019 | PHOTOS

Including donations an incredible $21,300 was raised for the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service on Saturday night at the Tenterfield Support Group's annual fundraiser dinner at the Bowling Club.

This sum included $5000 from Ken Cockburn, in recognition of the service coming to his rescue after an accident he suffered at Timbarra. Darryl McCarthy Constructions also kicked in $3000, with another $1000 courtesy of the Tenterfield Bowling Club, with the remainder being proceeds from the night.


Support group president John 'Dodge' Landers is thrilled with the result, particularly as the Lismore support group held its dinner the previous night and raised a still-respectable $19,500, but from a population many multiples of Tenterfield's.

"We raise more per rate of population than any other town," Mr Landers said.

Knowing Tenterfield's generosity for a good cause he had challenged the service's Northern NSW CEO Richard Jones to a wager that the local event would raise more than Lismore's, and is looking forward to rubbing it in.

Mr Landers said every seat to Tenterfield's dinner was sold, and then some. The buffet had to be relocated just outside the Greenview Restaurant to the club area in order to accommodate the 135 guests. He said a great night was had by all, contributing to the year's proceeds which now top $92,000.