Tenterfield's about to have its own flash mob, and you're invited

It's time this afternoon to 'git up'. Photo: revolvy.com
It's time this afternoon to 'git up'. Photo: revolvy.com

Here's one to liven up your Wednesday afternoon.

Chloe Waugh and the team from Live Dream Dance is putting out a fun challenge to get people moving, and perhaps draw some attention to how the town is seeking distraction from the dry times.

Anyone aged seven up -- but particularly emergency service personnel and other icons of the community -- is being encouraged to join the dance school for a dance challenge at the showground main pavilion at 5.15pm today (Wednesday) to learn some moves to the git up. The ensemble will then perform the dance as a group (so there's safety in numbers).

"Police officers, paramedics, doctors and nurses, farmers, business owners and families alike can come along and join us," Chloe said.

"This town deserves a good laugh."


With the dance school heavily into training for its upcoming concert at the end of next month, Chloe said the challenge came out of an idea to relieve the tension by awarding a prize to the parent who could put on the best moves. This grew into an opportunity to include the whole town.

She's hoping there will be so many participants that they'll have to take over the main ring.

So if you've seen examples of flash mob dances and wanted to be part of one, here's your chance.

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