Young Edward leads creek cleanup action

If anyone doubts that the future's in safe hands, here's some reassurance.

St Joseph's year 5 student Edward Palfreyman was concerned about all the rubbish he saw littered in Tenterfield Creek. Instead of just shaking his head and walking on by, he opted to take action.

Thanks to his initiative and the backing of school principal Cherie Yates and teacher Emily Smith, the school's older students from years 3-6 descended on the dry creek bed and picked up rubbish along a stretch below Federation Park.


This all happened around lunchtime on Friday, before the Mt Mackenzie Road fire threatened and the school was evacuated.

"The aim was to rid about one kilometre of creek of rubbish, which was an idea of mine that my school supported," Edward said.

"The whole thing turned out so well that on the way back there was barely a scrap of plastic in sight."

Edward thanked all his fellow students who climbed in and out of the creek and filled all the bags with rubbish, and to the parents and friends who came to help.

"A big high-5 to Mrs Yates and Miss Smith for supporting my idea and encouraging to make it happen.

"But there is still more rubbish to pick up. Maybe we can all make a contribution to cleaning up our creek more often."

In his call for helpers Edward said he'd seen shopping bags, clothes, straws and food wrappers in the creek when his family went to play at the park.

"It was all so disgusting that I thought there should be something done about it. So I talked to my parents and they thought it was a great idea.

"While we are experiencing this drought let's clean up our waterways so they are ready for the coming soaking rains."