RFS considering linking massive blazes in an emergency

The RFS is considering allowing both massive fires burning in the East of the New England to link up.

The service said in a newsletter that they may have to join the Bees Nest and Kingsgate fires "at a time of our making rather than let the decision be driven by weather and uncontrolled fire behavior".

They said their number one priority is to contain both fires at their current size, but were wary as temperatures rise through Spring.

The two fires are just six kilometers apart, with containment lines three kilometers apart. Bees nest has burned 97,364 hectares of bush and national park since starting in the first week of Spring. The Kingsgate blaze has wrecked 30,561 hectares and threatened Wytaliba homes.

"A number of challenges have made containment of the fire difficult over the past few days," the newsletter said.

The newsletter also said the fuel state is "extremely dry" with a weather forecast for low humidity and stronger winds predominantly from the west.


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