Scrap metal pick-up following fires

Tenterfield Shire Council in conjunction with Infrabuild Recycling are offering to pick up metal waste from residents impacted by the September fires in the local government area.

Those wishing to take advantage of the free service need to register to allow some preparation for the steel pick-up. Council and Disaster Recovery Agencies are preparing lists for on-site recovery including for some residents missed from the February fires.

Infrabuild Recycling will contact residents, arrange for preliminary site inspections and make personal arrangements for removal of burnt metal.

The contractor will also be able to collect burnt fencing wire, as long as it is in a pile. This includes wire collected by BlazeAid.

Residents who require scrap metal services need to contact council in order to be included in the register. Preliminary photos of what is to be removed would help.

To register contact council on (02) 6736 6001 or email