Liz Tobin reunited with the nurse who cared for her as a baby

REUNITED: Wendy Wilson and Liz Tobin. Photo supplied.

REUNITED: Wendy Wilson and Liz Tobin. Photo supplied.

Meeting the nurse who cared for her as a baby 50 years later was emotional - but the best thing that ever happened to her, Tenterfield resident Liz Tobin remembered.

Liz was left down the mole in a cardboard box and brought to the Tenterfield hospital fighting for her life.

"Dr. Keatinge was the doctor who saved me," Liz said. "Yes, there were a lot of nurses who cared, but there was one in particular."

That nurse was Wendy Wilson, then a 15-year-old nurse. She fell in love with the little Aboriginal baby, and gave her so much love.

"I used to put ribbons in her hair, and tell her how gorgeous she was, and she knew it too," Wendy said.

On Friday, January 10, Liz flew from Brisbane to Bundaberg to meet the woman who nurtured and loved that little Aboriginal baby.

The two women made contact on Facebook. Liz wanted to know about her great-great-grandmother. And Wendy messaged her. They began talking three weeks before Liz turned 50 in October last year.

"It was decided that I'd better go see this woman that so many of the older nurses had told me about," Liz said.

"After landing, I was a bit emotional to say the least, walking through the Bundaberg airport nearly 50 years to the day."

There was a hand-written note from Wendy: Welcome Liz after 50 years xx.

"A beautiful moment that I won't forget," Liz said. "This day is better than my 50th."

Liz is having a few health issues seen to while staying with Wendy, a palliative care nurse, and her husband at their home in Bundaberg.

"I've never seen such a caring person," Liz said. "No wonder I loved her as a baby. Nothing has changed."