Grant funding sought to augment Urbenville water supply

Tooloom Creek. Picture by Siegfried Muller-Tolk (Australia247).
Tooloom Creek. Picture by Siegfried Muller-Tolk (Australia247).

The ongoing drought situation in the Tenterfield Shire Local Government Area continues to exacerbate risks in the supply of potable water to our communities.

"Our northern communities have also been hit hard by this ongoing drought situation", Mayor Peter Petty said.

Tooloom Creek in the north of the Shire is the water source for the Urbenville water treatment plant which supplies the towns of Urbenville, Woodenbong and Muli Muli Aboriginal Community.

Flow in Tooloom Creek has significantly reduced over the past two months.

"Council will ensure that Urbenville, Woodenbong and Muli Muli communities are guaranteed an adequate, potable, water supply into the future as we face unknown climatic change", the Mayor said.


Users of the Urbenville Water Supply were placed on Level 4 Water Restrictions on January 10, but despite these measures, there has been a negligible reduction in water consumption to date.

Current consumption levels need to drop by 30% to defer imposition of more severe Level 5 restrictions in the near future.

To ensure water security for the three impacted communities, Council has applied for emergency relief funding of $1.9 million to secure additional raw water.

They will identify an appropriate ground water source; install appropriate water extraction and delivery infrastructure; and provide 50 ML off-stream storage (Tooloom Creek).

Ground water sourcing will include water search, drilling and water quality testing and installation of infrastructure being pipework, electrical and bore head components.