Tenterfield water restrictions lifted as dam overtops wall

Tenterfield Dam reached 100 per cent on Friday, spilling over the wall.
Tenterfield Dam reached 100 per cent on Friday, spilling over the wall.

In the early hours of Friday morning the Tenterfield Dam overtopped the wall sending a wondrous cascade of water down into Tenterfield Creek below.

On Thursday afternoon a continuous stream of vehicles visited the dam which indicates the level of interest and the relief that the community is feeling as the water level continued to rise and the rain continued to fall.

Mayor Peter Petty, deputy mayor Greg Sauer and the chief executive team took the decision to remove water restrictions entirely for Tenterfield from 11.15am on Friday.


A statement from the council said the decision was in line with In line with council's current Drought Management Plan, and added that the council would consider the plan in the months to come and may consider reintroduction of low level water restrictions to keep the value of water front and centre with our community.

"Redesign and reinforcement works undertaken in 2018 on the dam wall are working perfectly," Mayor Peter Petty said.

"The cascade effect, as well as looking spectacular, ensures that the level of flow is dispersed over a wider area and the onflow into Tenterfield Creek is subsequently lessened.

"Our dam is at 100 per cent! The lifting of spirits around the town is tangible and a real feeling that we can now move on from the dark days of 2019.

"2020 will truly be a year of renewal for Tenterfield Shire," the Mayor said.

Unfortunately, water restrictions for other areas of our Shire remain.

Critical water restrictions remain in place for residents of Jennings, and Level 4 water restrictions are still in place for Urbenville.