Churchgoers meet to offer rain thanks

Local churchgoers are crediting some divine intervention for the recent downpours which have filled dams, triggered river and creek flows and greened up the paddocks.

They met at Bruxner Park on February 9 to participate in a time of Thank You Lord celebration.

St Stephen's Presbyterian Church's Jamie Gibbins said this was a follow up to the Prayer Vigil held mid-November, and the many other endeavours when the situation was dire.

"The calls for mercy from all who have sort the Lord's face have been heard as can be clearly seen with the ground turning from brown to green and the sound of mowers," Mr Gibbins said.

"Water has been added to the town dam and there is enough time for some winter growth for our farmers as the rain continues.

"As such our hearts are filled with gratitude so our response naturally was "Thank You Lord".

Mr Gibbins pointed out that some significant rain followed the November 15 prayer vigil, with the Tenterfield Dam-filling deluge coming after the thank you celebration.