Our 20-somethings speak out. The age group with the most confirmed COVID-19 cases

Tanya Murray, 25, says young people are doing their best during coronavirus.

Tanya Murray, 25, says young people are doing their best during coronavirus.

Tanya Murray is 25. She's holding down three jobs and when she's not working she's helping to home school her seven-year-old stepson and practicing isolation.

An 18-year-old Woolworths worker, studying for her psychology degree is worried she'll contract COVID-19 and pass it onto elderly shoppers. When she's not at work she's at home studying or watching movies.

These hardworking young people are not the image that is being painted by the media of this age range during the coronavirus pandemic

Young people represent the biggest numbers of COVID-19 patients in Australia with 980 positive diagnosis.

Official government statistic from April 1, showing cases of COVID-19 by age

Official government statistic from April 1, showing cases of COVID-19 by age

On Sunday, Gladys Berejiklian gave a sharp warning to people in their 20s and 30s: "Can I give a message to people in their 20s and 30s. You are not immune from this, and even if you are you risk spreading it to people you love or to people who are vulnerable and will lose their lives because of this.

"We are seeing an increase in the stats in that age group but also the worst offenders in those ages groups. You can't just socialise as you used to. All of us have to adjust. "

Tanya, from Rooty Hill in Western Sydney worked at an RSL club until a few weeks ago when her shifts were reduced from five a week, to two a week, to one and then none.

She quickly signed up to become an UberEats delivery driver and also was lucky enough to land two days casual work every week in Aldi's administration department in Western Sydney.

On top of that, she helps her dad's business selling ice-cream at weekends in the Illawarra. There's not much time to relax, but when there is, she's at home with her family perhaps making her own hand sanitiser or bulk cooking food to save money.

The picture painted by the media and the government in recent weeks doesn't feel true to Tanya: "I have seen heaps of people in my age group disobeying but most are like me, doing the best they can. Everyone should abide by what we are told and stay safe."

Tanya describes how life dramatically changed for her in the last few weeks. She always worked in hospitality but the work dried up. Her new job at Aldi has given her an opportunity to retrain in administration and despite the difficulties she is trying to embrace the positives: "I'm living day to day. I'm trying not to overthink things or go too crazy. I feel lucky to have been given a chance to try this new job and at the moment I am succeeding."

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We interviewed a checkout assistant, let's call her Ella, who works in Woolworths in the NSW Illawarra. The 18-year-old didn't want to be named. She was concerned about repercussions during a time of uncertainty.

She believes young people are at the frontline of the virus: "My main concern is I contract it and pass it on to other people while I am at work, especially older customers. We take regular breaks to wash our hands and customers pack their own bags. We're doing everything we can to keep people safe, but it is a worry."

Ella said she felt young people were well informed and were not ignoring the rules: "People in my age group are very aware of what is going on. We're cautious about it especially with all the media coverage. When I'm not at work I'm at home all the time, doing uni work or watching movies."

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