Rescue helicopter gets some relief from COVID-19-impacted fundraising

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service's struggles both operationally and financially have been recognised by an international aviation body, resulting in a financial grant towards the service's activities.

The International Society of Aircraft Transport Trading (ISTAT) has committed, by way of the ISTAT Foundation, a range of funding grants for non-profit organisations in the aviation industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We are proud that ISTAT and the ISTAT Foundation chose to partner with us on crucial, aviation-connected services, with a grant of $36,000 provided to the Service in recognition of our efforts," Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service CEO Richard Jones said.

"ISTAT has been a great supporter of our Service in the past, including a grant towards flight simulator training for our pilots as part of their advanced training and development.

"Whilst our fundraising activity has been significantly impacted by COVID, we are grateful that international organisations such as ISTAT have recognised and acknowledged the challenges we face at this time and have provided this valuable financial support to maintaining our safe and effective operations across Northern NSW.

"We continue to fly frontline emergency response during the pandemic, ensuring that for those most in need during this time, we remain focussed on responding 24/7 with the best possible aeromedical support available to the communities we serve."