River of Life || Proposed vaccine raises ethical questions

Proposed vaccine raises ethical questions

As reported on ABC News earlier this week, three of Australia's most senior archbishops have written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison expressing their deep concerns regarding the vaccine being developed in the UK at Oxford University.

The Australian Government has signed an agreement with UK-based drug company AstraZeneca to secure the potential COVID-19 vaccine, but religious leaders have raised ethical questions saying that scientists have used "a cell line cultured from an electively aborted human foetus".

The concern is that this vaccine has the kidney cells of an aborted foetus added.

If this vaccine was successful, then Australian Christians, as well as some not with this world view, might find themselves in a dilemma and might choose to reject the vaccine.

We would support our Christian leaders in their request for our government to look at other vaccines that would not pose this ethical question.

How much pressure would be placed on those who refuse to comply?

I heard someone say the other day that, "We are not safe until everyone is safe" and while they say a vaccine will not be made mandatory this could change and have penalties placed on those who do not conform, for the "greater good".

Indeed the prime minister has said he expects the vaccine to be "as mandatory as you could possibly make it".

Jesus told us about a time that is coming when those who do not conform to the global world view will be certainly penalised.

You can find this in the last book of the Bible - Revelation 13:16-17.

With recent draconian border lock downs and curfews, that we as Australians could not have imagined 12 months ago, this time may not be far away.

Jesus said that he is the light for the world, follow him and you won't be walking in darkness but have the light of life - John 8:12

He also warned that we are to work while there is light for the darkness comes when no one can work - John 9:4.

Why don't you seek His wisdom on this matter as we have a greater threat than COVID-19 - Eternal life or Eternal Death.

The outcome of all our futures depend on what we do with the Light of the World

Jamie Gibbins

Presbyterian Church - Tenterfield