Charlie the dog stayed by elderly Port Macquarie woman's side overnight before barking at neighbours for help

If you need any more convincing dogs are the best, then this story will confirm it for you.

Cue Charlie the 10-year-old best mate of Port Macquarie, NSW, resident Maureen.

Maureen is 85-years-old and thanks to the brave and heroic efforts of little dog Charlie, she is now in the good hands of medical staff at Port Macquarie Base Hospital.

The courageous canine is being hailed a hero after he stayed by Maureen's side trying to keep her warm as she lay in agony for 14 hours after a fall.

Maureen broke her hip when she fell in her backyard but her cries for help went unanswered.

Charlie knew Maureen was in pain and until he could summons help, sat with her throughout the night, even laying on top of her to ensure she was warm.

Best mates: Maureen, 85, recuperates in hospital thanks to the efforts of her heroic pooch Charlie.

Best mates: Maureen, 85, recuperates in hospital thanks to the efforts of her heroic pooch Charlie.

A hospital spokesperson said Charlie heard a car driving up the street the following morning and immediately raced out to alert neighbours who had returned to their home across the street.

The 10-year-old pooch barked continuously and raced back toward his yard until someone took notice.

It didn't take long for neighbour Des to realise Charlie was trying to tell him something.

The neighbours followed the dog back to his yard and found a very cold and sore Maureen on the ground.

They immediately called for an ambulance and Maureen is now in hospital making a slow recovery.

Clutching Charlie's photo and praising his heroic efforts, Maureen says she owes her life to her little companion.

"Charlie is very caring. After Maureen lost her husband whenever she got a bit teary Charlie would come and sit beside her," the hospital spokesperson said.

Relatives are caring for Charlie while Maureen recuperates.

"Her grandson is looking after Charlie while Maureen is in hospital. She's happy he's being cared for but she misses him terribly and can't wait to be reunited with him," the hospital spokesperson said.

"Maureen has totally stolen the hearts of the nursing staff at the hospital. She is such a sweetie.

"And she is really grateful to the staff who have been looking after her."

And word has it she is really enjoying the hospital food.

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