Uncashed cheques and unclaimed debt: Tenterfield residents owed $37,823

Uncashed cheques and unclaimed debt: Tenterfield residents owed $37,823

New state government numbers show Tenterfield residents are owed $37,823 in debts that have not been claimed.

The cash is owed from 131 separate items.

The cash is among $2,849,271 in unclaimed debts owed to residents across the New England and North West.

The money was paid to private companies, State Trustees, local councils and government agencies that can't be returned to the owner because their contact details are out of date and they cannot be tracked down.

Revenue NSW holds more than $461 million in unclaimed money.

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State Minister for Finance Damien Tudehope urged people to check the Revenue NSW website to see if some of the cash is theirs.

"COVID-19 has also seen many families tighten their budgets. A quick search could help identify money that is sitting, waiting to be claimed through Revenue NSW, that could be used these summer holidays," he said. "This money belongs to the people of NSW and I want to make sure it goes back to them."

Some of the cash is owed to people who have since died.

But the state government figures show that the biggest chunk of the money - $109,967,610 - comes from 56,055 uncashed cheques.

Revenue NSW numbers show that Gunnedah residents are owed $239,135 in unclaimed money while residents of .Armidale are owed $356,384.

Tamworth residents are owed three-quarters-of-a-million dollars and Glen Innes residents are owed $102,000.