A'vanner invasion

You might feel out of place if you don't travel around in a peaked van at the moment, with s-called A'vanner clubs taking over the town.

Di O'Conner said the 28 sites at Tenterfield Lodge and Caravan Park were booked out by the south-east chapter of the Queensland A'vanners Club, who arrived last Wednesday for a week-long stay.

Then it's just a few days' gap until the NSW Mid-North Coast A'vanners Club again books out the caravan park, arriving this Saturday for another week.


Club organisers pick a destination for the regular road trips, and Tenterfield seems to be the flavour of the month. Mrs O'Conner said the campers are a lovely, fun-loving group, gathering each afternoon to share the day's adventures.

"They've been quite surprised with what we have to offer here," she said.

They've been frequenting the local coffee shops and dining at local restaurants, as well as taking in a farm visit and a garden tour.

"And they've been hitting the shops," Mrs O'Conner said.

It's thanks to a connection to Tenterfield that the Queensland group ended up here, but members report that they love the town and many intend to make their own way back.

"They're great people," Mrs O'Conner said. "When the next lot come on Saturday we'll do it all over again."

Mrs O'Conner said it's hard to turn away other guests due to no vacancies, especially those who are bringing back repeat business, but she has been referring them on to other local sites so that the town doesn't miss out on the direct and indirect business.