More opportunities to turn trash into better facilities for Haddington

More opportunities to turn trash into better facilities for Haddington

After a disappointing result from its initial six-month stint as a Return-and-Earn donation recipient, Tenterfield Care Centre's partnership with the Tomra bottle and can recycling facility next to Tenterfield Pool has been extended.

The fundraising goal of $20,000 was found to be ambitious, to say the least, with only $500 raised.


TCC CEO Fiona Murphy said the intention was to put the funds raise towards purchasing safety pendants for the residents of Haddington to incorporate into the upgraded nurse call system being installed as part of the Haddington extension project.

TCC is the not-for-profit company owned by the community of Tenterfield, providing aged care at Haddington Nursing Home and Millrace Hostel for residents of the Tenterfield area.

Its Fundraising Committee chair and boardmember Rhonda Rovera said the new agreement now allows TCC to continue as a Return-and-Earn Local Donation Partner until August 21, together with three other state-wide/national charities. Local Donation Partners are chosen from not-for-profit and community organisations and they are rotated on a regular basis.

Mrs Rovera said this will give the generous Tenterfield community yet another opportunity to donate to the funds required by TCC to fit-out the planned 28 new aged care suites to be constructed in the Haddington Nursing Home.

When using the reverse vending machine, proceeds can be directed by selecting Tenterfield Care Centre on the touchscreen. TCC will then be automatically gifted with the full amount, and a tax receipt issued for the donor to claim a tax deduction.

Mrs Rover said TCC is very thankful to the operators of the Return & Earn reverse vending machines in extending the opportunity to be a recipient of these donations, and hopes the local community will help out.

TCC board chair Greg Sauer said that due to the issues with COVID19 and also possible ramifications from the Aged Care Royal Commission recommendations, the board and management of TCC are currently finalising the plans for the Haddington extension and submitting the grant funding application with the intention of putting out tender documents mid-to-late this year, with construction starting as soon as the successful tenderer is available.