XI Ducks beat the KLAS Bouncers in the final

They led the competition for most of the season and now the XI Ducks have sealed it with a grand final win over the KLAS Bouncers.

After snagging the title in the previous season in a dominant effort against the Bonshaw Billy Goats, the Ducks called upon their grand final experience to get them over the line.

And they didn't disappoint, winning the title in dominant fashion.

The Bouncers won the toss and sent their opponents in to bat first.

But they were left ruing their decision after the Ducks batsmen got going to post a strong total.

Ben Austin was first to depart though, making 10 before Geoff Swan snared his wicket but that only brought Dylan Horn to the crease who combined with Matt Paton to get their side on the front foot.

Their 51-run partnership ended when Brody Parker collected Paton leg-before-wicket on 31.

Horn retired on a match-high 53.

Jayson Murphy was the next wicket to fall via a run out and Mitchell Austin was the final scalp the Bouncers claimed, caught on a duck off Adam Genninges' bowling.

The Ducks finished their 20 overs at 4-136.

The Bouncers struggled in their run chase with the Ducks bowlers tearing through them.

Paton struck early with Nick Savins bowled for six.

The Bouncers did put up some resistance, making it to 35 runs before Todd Hayne made a breakthrough.

He bowled Tyler Sergeant for 10 and the Bouncers didn't score another run before Will Sheather then dismissed Genninges in the same fashion.

At this point, the Bouncers were 3-35.

Geoff Swan was the next batsman to depart, and the final one to record double figures, with James Jerome snaring him for 10.

From there, it was all downhill for the Bouncers.

Jayson Murphy bowled Pat Skinner for eight and then Anthony Coup was run out for five.

Desperation ensued with the Bouncers aiming to get as many runs on the board as they could before they ran out of time.

But it didn't pay off.

Another run out followed, this time it was Brody Parker who made nine runs.

Glenn Caisley didn't last long either with Paton earning his second wicket for the game, Murphy catching the batsman on three.

Josh Parker was the next wicket to fall, Dylan Thrift sending him back to the sheds with two runs on the board.

James Springborg and Mark Savins remained at the crease but unfortunately it wasn't enough as the Bouncers reached the end of their 20 overs at 9-88. Springborg finished on four not out and Savins on five not out.