Comboyne farmer Rodney Fisher films hilarious 'viral video' about social isolating in his tractor

ON THE LAND, GINGER BEER IN HAND: Comboyne farmer Rodney Fisher.
ON THE LAND, GINGER BEER IN HAND: Comboyne farmer Rodney Fisher.

Comboyne farmer Rodney Fisher has paid homage to the importance of social distancing by putting together his own parody video during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The former dairy farmer of 50 years - now turned cattle farmer - wrote the song in his Lambourghini R4 tractor and uploaded it to YouTube with the help of retired engineer and neighbour Anton Visser.

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"Every time something changed with COVID last year I added another verse to it and every time it changed the song became longer. I'm inspired by a bit of madness I think," he laughed.

"When I was working around the farm I'd just put a camera in a tree and film a bit as I went past. Then Anton and I put the video together and put it online.

"The reaction from my brother and his wife along with other family members was the amusement of it. We had to cut a few bits out because my wife didn't like it."


As the federal government expands its COVID-19 vaccination delivery across the nation, Mr Fisher said he's in no hurry to have the vaccination.

"In terms of COVID-19 vaccinations I'm not in a hurry to get vaccinated. I think we will get vaccinated eventually but I don't think there is a rush for me at the moment," he said.

"I feel sorry for other people across the world during the COVID pandemic because it didn't really affect us that badly. I could still work throughout the pandemic so we are probably one of the lucky ones."

Mr Fisher said he is considering penning another song about the problems with the dairy industry.

"I'd written a few poems over the years but I thought I'd do something with this (COVID song) to see what happens," he said.

"I did one song about the dairy industry around 2016 or 2017 when things were really bad in that industry.

"I never finished it but that was around the time we gave up on the dairy industry."

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