Council suggests changing electorate name to Bruxner

Janelle Saffin has thrown her support behind a Tenterfield Shire Council suggestion to rename the Lismore electorate.
Janelle Saffin has thrown her support behind a Tenterfield Shire Council suggestion to rename the Lismore electorate.

Tenterfield Shire Council will write to the NSW Electoral Commission seeking a name change for the Lismore electorate.

The letter will ask for the necessary steps to be taken to rename the state electorate Bruxner, after former Member for Tenterfield Michael Bruxner, who was the state member from 1927 to 1962.

The name change was raised at last week's council meeting by Cr Garry Verri, and both he and mayor Peter Petty said they had spoken to Lismore MP Janelle Saffin and had her support.

The Bruxner name is already well known throughout the electorate thanks to the Bruxner Highway, named after the longtime MP, running west from Lismore, through Tenterfield.

Council had been consulted in 2013 before the boundary redistribution went ahead, and Cr Verri told last week's council meeting the option to rename the electorate had been suggested then.

"I didn't take it up at that time because I didn't have enough history about Bruxner," he said.

"Since then I've been thinking about it, and I thought I may as well do it now.

"I tried to find out myself how you go about it. I couldn't find anything and rang a few politicians and they didn't know either."

That was why he said he had brought the matter to council to investigate.

"I thought the easiest way was to stick it through as a notice of motion given how important Buxner was to the Northern Tablelands (and) to the Country Party.

"Now it's not being political, because the Country Party has disappeared," he said.

Cr Verri said he had contacted Ms Saffin, who he said was supportive.

"She said it provides a commonality between all the towns in the electorate."

Mayor Peter Petty later said he had also raised it with Ms Saffin.

"She doesn't think it should be called the seat of Lismore," Cr Petty said.

"I think it's a good thing to do, let's go for that genie, it will cost us nothing."

There would be an added benefit to the name change, Cr Verri said.

"If we could get the name changed to Bruxner, on voting night it comes up a long time before L."

While Cr Bronwyn Petrie said there had been some talk that a boundary adjustment could see Tenterfield Shire become part of Northern Tablelands again, she had one stipulation if the name was changed to Bruxner.

"If we go this way, we need to make sure people pronounce it the right way," she said.