Candidate Peter Murphy shares what he would do for Tenterfield Council if elected

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy

The majority of Tenterfield Shire residents will not have to vote come election day next month. Four of the shire's five wards did not receive enough nominations to require an election, which means six councillors will be automatically elected without a vote.

Two councillors are elected for each ward, so the only election will be in D Ward where there are four candidates: Kim Rhodes, Peter Murphy, Donald Forbes and Giana Saccron.

Peter Murphy shares what he would do for the area if elected on Council.

What is your vision for the Tenterfield region?

I share enthusiastically our Council's vision which I believe expresses well our Shire community's aspirations and which I would summarise as: to protect and enhance the environment; to celebrate our community's culture and heritage; to promote balanced, sustainable economic growth; to nurture a community spirit which encourages health and well being; to support equal access to sport, recreation, facilities and services; and to encourage all in the community to participate in the Shire's economic and social life.

What do you think is the single most important issue facing the Tenterfield area?

Development of a sustainable, balanced, diversified economy built on the Shire's existing foundations particularly in agriculture, horticulture, tourism, construction, industry and services.

What projects/developments do you intend to advocate if elected as a Councillor?

All community friendly projects/developments which will cost-effectively advance our Shire's economy, environment, infrastructure, facilities, amenities and services.

What expertise or attributes do you have which would help you in undertaking the role of councillor?

I am a proud, permanent resident with four years experience in listening to our Shire community to better understand individual and collective concerns and needs, and then advocating appropriately to Councillors and Council, notably championing a Shire-wide, ratepayers' petition to limit increases in rates and charges.

In addition, I have 45 years experience in the creation, development, promotion and management of diverse projects, businesses and organisations with particular expertise in stakeholder negotiations and financial control.

If elected Councillor, I will be committed to advocating that our community's best interests should be the most important consideration in all Councillor and Council decision making.