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The Aussie family's guide to celebrating Mother's Day in 2022

The Aussie family's guide to celebrating Mother's Day in 2022

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With Mother's Day just around the corner, the time to plan your celebrations is well and truly here. In fact, take this little article as a sign that today's the day to really ask yourself: what will you do to treat your mum?

When it comes to celebrating Mother's Day in Australia, the options are truly endless. Perhaps your mum may love a day of rest and relaxation at a local spa, a trip to the beach (if the weather's good for it!), or maybe a day in the country could be just what mum needs to feel bliss on this special day.

Want more suggestions? Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to celebrate the ultimate woman in your life.

Treat her with something she's been wanting

There are a great variety of gifts for Aussie mums that would truly make them feel special, but you can go the extra mile by ensuring your Mother's Day gift is something that she's sure to love.

If your mum loves to feel luxurious and indulgent, purchasing her a skincare gift pack will be the perfect present to bring a little bit of opulence to her day.

Otherwise picking out something special like some beautiful wine glasses, or unique homewares that are to her taste, can also make for very well-received sentiments.

Take Mum out for a day of pampering

Our mums are always on their feet, whether it's rushing to make the school run, speeding through the supermarket, spending long hours at their job, or just generally going out of their way to provide support to all the people they love.

So this Mother's Day, it's time we get mum off her heels, and into a cosy chair to have somebody see to her every need, for a change.

This Mother's Day, take your mum out for a day of facials and massages. Switch gears and have someone wait on her hand and foot rather than the other way around. After all, if anybody deserves to feel spoiled, it's your mum.

Hopefully, after the Mother's Day plans you've organised, your mum will feel replenished, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world once more.

Plan a getaway

As the previous two Mother's Days have been overshadowed by various COVID-19 lockdowns, it's time to take advantage of this COVID-normal state and book a getaway for you and your mum.

It can be all-too-easy to forget to take a break in our day-to-day lives, and whilst your mum will be the first person to tell you to take some personal time and make sure to not work yourself into the ground, it's rare she will follow her own advice here.

So, this year be the one to take charge and send your mum on a little getaway for a seriously deserved reset. Why not even spend the weekend in one of Australia's many beautiful vacay spots? Whether it's enjoying a beachside break or a camping kickback, she'll be besotted by the love and care you've taken to ensure that she has a wonderful time this Mother's Day.

Take Mum out for tea

As Mother's Day falls on a Sunday, there's one particular activity you can do with your mum that'll likely bring a lot of joy to the day. You can make this Sunday May 9 count by taking your mum out to high tea for an afternoon of utter deliciousness.

Enjoy countless photo opportunities of deliciously decorated cupcakes, finger sandwiches, and macaroons. Sip flutes of champagne and really savour this joyous day that you get to spend both with your mum as well as your wider family and loved ones.

Just be sure to make your high tea bookings nice and early to ensure that you and your mum don't miss out! It's likely that high tea is going to be a pretty popular Mother's Day activity this year, especially after these past few years of lockdowns.

How to do Mother's day at home

There really is no place like home, so you should absolutely feel encouraged to bring the Mother's Day festivities to your abode and make mum feel special without the need to even leave her bedroom.

Start the day off by bringing her flowers and making her breakfast in bed. From thereon, you can have an array of different family activities prepared so that mum can spend quality time with all her favourite people.

If you are hosting your Mother's Day celebrations at home, however, you should absolutely make sure that there's not a thing for mum to do. Home may be where the heart is, but it's also where the chores are, and your mum should make sure all the housework is done without her needing to ask.

Centre your day around your Mum's interests, cook her her favourite dinner, and pick a movie you just know she'll love. Sometimes the best Mother's Day your mum can have isn't one that's filled with huge gestures, but of little things that show her how much she is cared for and appreciated.


Our mums are our number one supporter from the day we're born, as they're constantly putting us first and ensuring all of our needs and wants are met. As always, Mother's Day is the perfect time to treat her and show our appreciation for the endless love she gives us. It is a day that's dedicated to expressing our gratitude to all that our mums do for us.

So, whether it's a cosy day in bed, a luxurious pamper session, or a day out with a family, be sure to treat her this Mother's Day 2022 with all the warmth and appreciation that she deserves.