Tenterfield Star
The Tenterfield Star has been reporting the news to Tenterfield and beyond since 1870.

It has played a historic role in not only the Tenterfield Shire, but in the federation of Australia, with former owner J.F. Thomas, who defended Breaker Morant, using the paper to drive federation.

The Star has continued to faithfully serve northern NSW for well over a century and covers the border region of NSW and Queensland.

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Published weekly, the print edition is available through local newsagents. The paper is well supported by a strong online presence, with a key focus on breaking news.

Historic Tenterfield is a popular destination for tourists with its beautiful heritage buildings and National Parks. The School of Arts Hall celebrates the connection to Henry Parkes and his famous speech on Australia becoming a Federation, while the Tenterfield Saddlery still stands today as a permanent salute to Peter Allen and his birthplace.

With its cool climate and proximity to Brisbane, Lismore and Armidale, Tenterfield has attracted many ‘tree changers’ over the years. Industries include beef, wool, fruit and vegetables and wine grapes production.

The Tenterfield Star reached its 150th year in 2020 and continues to report and entertain.

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