Pokemon GO tips, hacks, facts

1. Walking into private property is an offence

Avoid venturing onto private land while playing the game. It’s easy to wander into cemeteries, parks, farms, hospitals and police stations (it has been done) while hunting a Pikachu or Charmander, but it is an offence to do so in NSW.

Under Section 4 of the Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901:

"Any person who, without lawful excuse (proof of which lies on the person), enters into inclosed lands without the consent of the owner, occupier or person apparently in charge of those lands, or who remains on those lands after being requested by the owner, occupier or person apparently in charge of those lands to leave those lands, is liable to a penalty..."

The penalty is a hefty $110 fine in the case of a government owned building, school, hospital, child care service or nursing home or $550 in any other case.

2. Learn while you hunt

As you probably know, Pokestops are located near historical monuments, artistic features or other locations of cultural interest. 

If you take the time to read the name of the Pokestop (instead of swiping madly to catch any items), you will probably learn a thing or two.

3. Some Pokestops are no-go zones

There are four Pokéstops in Canberra’s Parliament House that the public can’t get access to. They’re hidden in restricted courtyards on the house of representatives side of parliament and Pokefans need security swipes to get close enough to spin them.

Kayza Grenfell captured this Zubat hanging out at Parliament House. Photo: Kayza Grenfell

Kayza Grenfell captured this Zubat hanging out at Parliament House. Photo: Kayza Grenfell

4. Spin for the win

You can spin your Pokéball to get more experience points (XP).

This is how it’s done: when you’re capturing a Pokémon, draw a little circle around your Pokéball to give it some spin. That will give you a curveball for bonus XP.

INSTA @f1senna

INSTA @f1senna

5. You can trade duplicates 

If you have one too many of the same Pokemon, you can transfer duplicates to Professor Willow in exchange for candy.

Check out your captured Pokémon, then tap on them and transfer them to Professor Willow in exchange for one candy. But, it’s best to do this with low-powered Pokémon that you already have multiple of. 

6. It makes people happy...and fit

Pokefans across the world have been sharing the fact that the game has improved their mental health and fitness. Some gamers reported to have walked 40kms in just three days.

7. Beware of businesses

The influx of people entering businesses to catch Pokemon has got some owners on the wrong side. Some businesses have put up notices on shop windows asking Pokefans not to enter unless they planned on entering as paying customers. But, some businesses have embraced the revenue opportunities Pokemon GO presents. Cafes have started to offer phone and USB charges with the purchase of coffee or cake to help Pokefans catch ‘em all.

Be aware of the shops you enter.

8. Google docs, emails, images: it wants to catch 'em all

If you're playing the game on an iPhone or other Apple device, signing in to Pokemon GO gives the app full access to your Google-powered life. This includes the ability to sift through emails, documents and files associated with your Google email address.

The Android version of the app doesn't ask for full access to the user's Google account.

After privacy concerns surfaced this week, Niantic issued a new version of the app on iOS on Wednesday, July 13, which has more limited access to your Google account. This will come into effect once you update the app.

9. It can cause injuries

Reports and photos have surfaced of battered and bruised Pokefans after a night on the hunt.

One Pokemon GO Reddit user confessed that:

"Pokemon Go put me in the ER last night.”

Another posted:

“Not even 30 minutes after the release last night, I slipped and fell down a ditch. Fractured the fifth metatarsal bone in my foot, 6-8 weeks for recovery. I told all the doctors I was walking my dog lol... Watch where you're going, folks!”

Other have posted that they too have had near misses or scrapes and bruises from chasing Pokemon into ditches or the like.

Pay attention while you play and do not Pokemon GO and drive.

10. There is life outside the game

There is a life outside of Pokemon GO.

Shocking, I know. But it does exist and you used to exist in it as well – before Pokemon GO.

Your quest to become the very best that no one ever was doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Organise group walks with friends, join a team with workmates or have real life meet-ups at your local virtual gym.

Pokemon GO doesn’t have to take over your life, not in a bad way, use it to make friends, take in your surrounds and learn about the history of your town.