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Get involved

I like a lot of other locals had been receiving information that the Tenterfield Tigers were going to fold in 2017. So I personally started asking some questions. Then I decided ‘find out for yourself’ as – if it was happening – it would have been devastation and I wanted to assist if necessary to try to stop it.

So I attended the Tigers club meeting on Thursday night to find out. There was a lot of people there as well as players from both Mens and Ladies sides. This I might say was a terrific thing that players were there and available for comment.

After a briefing from our president and Border Rugby League representatives and good constructive discussion, I am glad to say it's full steam ahead for the Tigers in 2017. It will be another building year from what I see and hear but that's fine. I will support that.

I have personally offered and been accepted as the ground official to relieve the others from that task ( I hope the vest fits, ha ha).

So I ask come on everybody who loves our town and our famous Tigers. Also volunteer and get involved.

As you know I have had my differences with the executive in the past but there is a bigger picture here and that's our players who represent us week in week out. Without them we don't actually have a club.

I also want to say I saw great leadership from our executive on Thursday night in particular Brendan Minns, who is maturing into the position now very well.

We still need a few more players so talk to everyone of them you know and ask them on behalf of the town and us supporters to come on up and play and we will certainly support them 110 per cent win lose or draw as we are proud of them.

Also you the supporters, offer a little time with anything. I am going to.

Trevor Hardie


Promises are promises

Over in WA, Pauline Hanson has started imploding again, this time doing the damage herself.  Not content with cheering on Vladimir Putin, she flipflopped on vaccinations, alienating both sides of that argument in the process.

And now she is actually lying about how she supported the idea of taking GST money from Queensland to  give to WA. What next - supporting NSW in State of Origin?

But the more serious question now is, what will happen to all those promises which Barnaby Joyce and the National Party were making last week?  You know, the promises about spending a lot of money on the development of Queensland regions where La Hanson has been gathering votes.

Promises are promises, and one of them was to finish the Melbourne-to-Brisbane railway.  This really is a project of national importance, and the only route for the line to follow is through Barnaby Joyce's own electorate of New England.  That way, it will also duplicate the Sydney-Brisbane line, providing two railways for the price of one.  Other routes cannot achieve this.

But since Pauline Hanson is no longer such a threat, how many of the National Party's promises will now be dumped into the political garbage bin?  Will the Melbourne-to-Brisbane railway be built, or not?  If so, will it be built through New England?  If not, why not? Someone, anyone, from the National Party must stand up and please explain. Barnaby?

GTW Agnew

Coopers Plains Qld

Rebates to improve quad bike safety

I write to ensure your readers are aware of the rebates available to help increase quad bike safety across our state.

Like your readers, I am deeply concerned about the number of quad bike deaths and injuries and I have been saddened by the recent deaths. Since 2011, 112 people have lost their lives in quad bike accidents nationally, with 30 of these tragedies occurring in NSW. Those figures are totally unacceptable.

The NSW Government’s Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program, introduced last July, gave farmers access to a one-off rebate to buy helmets, undertake training, retrofit safety equipment to existing quad bikes, and/or buy a safer side-by-side farm vehicle.

Earlier this month, we doubled the rebate to $1,000 for the purchase of a side-by-side vehicle, $500 for the retrofitting of safety equipment to an existing quad bike, and $90 for the purchase of an approved helmet.

As many farmers have more than one quad bike, they can now also apply for two rebates, meaning they can be eligible for up to $2,000, rather than the original $500 if they are buying side-by-sides.

Further information is available from www.safework.nsw.gov.au. I really encourage your readers to visit the website and find out what they can do to reduce their risk of death or injury.

Matt Kean

Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation

Don’t rely on tourism

Is only 30 per cent of water stored in the Murray-Darling Basin allocated for farming?

With 70 per cent destined to go down the river for “environmental” flows? Since 2012 has the water price risen from about $20-odd per megalitre to $200 or more?

Rural communities are dying. They shouldn’t have to rely on the parasitic non-industry of tourism as their chief means of support.

If an Australian agricultural industry is to survive, the Government must assign more water for agricultural use. And build new dams. Yes, new dams. Where? That’s up to the experts. Perhaps a Lock Zero near Wellington, South Australia -- plus dams on the Jingellic arm in NSW and on the Buffalo River near Myrtleford in Victoria.

Arnold Jago

Nichols Point Vic


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