Relax, and stay focused on what matters

Our grounds-maintenance man was out of action, so I came to the rescue.

Adam Cinzio.

Adam Cinzio.

I wheeled out the mower from under our house, and folded the handle. I didn’t want to dirty my fine trousers, so I couldn’t hug the heavy mower to myself as I lifted it into the back of the car.

I was stiffly over-confident as I held it away from my clothes. I was fine - almost bulletproof.

But a few days later I realised that I’d overdone it. It was an unsafe lift. And my back is still a bit sore today.

Sometimes we want to rescue the world like a superhero, and we don’t mind half dying in the process. We forget our human limitations, and thrust ourselves into the rescue mission with a “messiah complex” that is dangerous. And then we limp around with the telltale consequences.

We have a few superhero presidents and supreme leaders facing such a temptation. Each aims to rescue the world. Do they think that it will rapidly implode without their intentional intervention? I doubt it. When we thrash about trying to rescue ourselves with our own resources exclusively, we act as orphans who must save themselves alone. As a result, we forget our spiritual resources.

Is your life balanced?  Do you take sufficient time for your social, physical, mental, spiritual, and financial needs?  If we were to compare the time and energy spent on financial goals with those expended for other areas of our lives, we will often notice an imbalance.

The financial and safety pressures that many live under are the “squeaky wheels” that get the most attention, while other less-urgent goals tend to go quietly unattended.

Jesus recognised the need for balance in life. They were so busy in service, that eating was becoming optional.

“And He said to them, ‘Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.’ For there were many coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.” (Mark 6:31).

When I rush around saving the world, and neglecting my own balance, I’m actually expressing my unbelief that God is control.

My actions are declaring: “If I don’t keep control of this situation, it will be out of control.”   Jesus invites us to, “Come, rest awhile.”  Relax, recharge, and stay focused on what matters in life.

The Prince of Peace is in control.

Adam Cinzio, Seventh Day Adventist Church


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