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Cheryl Jaques headed the crew that returned 70 wheelie bins to council from the Legume and Liston areas.
Cheryl Jaques headed the crew that returned 70 wheelie bins to council from the Legume and Liston areas.

The people have spoken

It is appreciated that the new council and the new GM have completed the survey of ratepayers affected by the 2016/2017 mandatory trial of 'along Mt Lindesay Rd' domestic waste kerbside collection and charge.  

While the numbers presented in the agenda report seem a little confusing, whichever way you consider the reported result, the majority of affected ratepayers either do NOT need, are NOT using or do NOT want the 'along Mt Lindesay Rd' kerbside collection to continue beyond 30 June 2017.  

Only 47 of the 155 ratepayers surveyed have been reported as saying they want the collection and charge to continue beyond 30 June 2017. As my recollection of the Torrington meeting discussion was that a simple majority from the survey would determine Council's future actions, I respectfully ask if you would support the majority of the affected ratepayers and vote to 

*cease the 'along Mt Lindesay Rd' mandatory trial as at 30 June 2017

*amend the Revenue policy by removing the relevant collection maps and 

*amend the various budgets where income, expenditure or capital figures are currently included in the Integrated Planning documents for 2017/2018 and future years.

Eg. Possible draft resolutions (amended)

(1). That Council determine to discontinue the waste collection service to residents in the Mount Lindesay Road collection areas for the 2017/2018 financial year and future years,

(2). That Council's annual operational plan 2017/2018 be altered to reflect this position prior to its final adoption, (including removal of the associated collection area maps in the Revenue Policy, appendix B - including Mt Lindesay Rd and Tooloom, Wilsons Downfall, Liston, Lower Acacia Creek, Legume, Koreela), 

(3). That all Integrated Planning documents for 2017/2018 and future years be altered to reflect this position, including the Waste Management Strategy, 

(4). That the potentially affected ratepayers be consulted or surveyed prior to any recommendations to implement future waste collection services in the 'along Mt Lindesay Rd' area.

Cheryl Jaques, Liston

Catholic obsession

The media say that Cardinal George Pell may soon face criminal charges. We’re never going to know for sure what really happened on the occasions complained about. What we do know is that there are people with lots of clout who will never rest until they have “got” the Cardinal — one way or another.

Everybody knows that child abuse mostly happens in domestic situations, e.g. boyfriends of single mums interfering with her children -- something we don’t like talking about.

Our “royal commission” has been obsessed with discrediting Catholic identities. Others guilty of child abuse are more likely to be ignored -- or even become rich and famous. One famous example being Mrs Macron. Shouldn’t she be in gaol? Why not?

Arnold Jago, Nichols Point, Vic.

Keystone cops

The Lindt Cafe siege highlighted several issues. First, the Keystone Cops could have handled it better and the coroner’s request was a failure, and showed how weak our legal system is, and has been, in bailing suspects who obviously pose a threat to the community. The inquest failed to recommend the disciplining of a high ranking NSW Police Officer who lied about negotiators being in touch with Monis.

Hostages told how no one had contact with Monis. It is unacceptable that the police sniper didn’t shoot Monis when he had the chance. The reason: they weren’t sure of their rights to shoot-to-kill. At the next similar situation competent officers need to be deployed and no fake news reports published.

Jay Nauss, Glen Aplin


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