King Creek bulls to add muscle

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Limousin bulls offer beef producers low-birth weight calves that have the ability to build more muscle than other breeds, traits which are successfully passed on in crossbreeding programs and something Phil and Barbara Bricknell, King Creek Limousin stud, are keen to promote. The stud was established in 1988 making 2017 their 29th year of breeding Limousins and much has changed since the breed was introduced here in the 1970s – with polled Limousins and blacks genetics now available.

Members of the Limousin Assurance program since its inception, King Creek can guarantee registered stock are structurally correct and temperament scored at yard weaning, Mr Bricknells said.

“Those who fail these strict guidelines are automatically culled without compromise, temperament has become a lesser problem these days in the breed,” he said.

In 2016 to further expand their genetics the Bricknells travelled to South Australia to secure their new stud sire, a homo polled bull, Mandayen King K6.

“With his progeny on the ground we have found the calves to be a good shape and easily born, with several studs having used his semen reporting the same observations,” Mr Bricknell said.

Included in the 2017 sale are a total of 19 females (eight cows, five that were pastured with King K6; four joined 2015-drop heifers; four unjoined 2016 registered weaners; plus three unregistered purebred weaner heifers).

Among the 24 bulls on offer at this year’s sale, are five blacks – from a homozygous black sire Oakvale Jarvis and another polled homozygous black bull Top Barr Gasbag, plus a registered black Lim Flex bull.

All bulls are finished on crop, given Vibrio and 7 in 1 vaccinations, semen and vet checked with  adult cows, and bulls, all Pesti Virus tested, with all joined  females  preg tested, with information on a sub sheet available on sale day.

King Creek can be found on Facebook, and a catalogue will be available online at the Australian Limousin Breed Society.

The Bricknells will host an open day on their property at Currabubula, for pre-sale inspections on Saturday July 15 from 10.30am, with the sale on July 25, at 1pm.