Sport’s turning nasty

Bernard Tomic might, in his own exasperating way, be telling us something….

That professional sport has something intrinsically nasty about it.

Plenty of money to be had -- like $50,000-plus for losing a match -- but often not much joy or fulfilment.

Money, by itself, isn’t the right kind of fulfilment.

Once upon a time, Ron Clarke tripped and fell during the 1500 metres final at the 1956 Australian National Athletic Championships.

Fellow runner, John Landy, stopped and doubled back to check that Clarke was OK.

Clarke got up and they both started running again.

Too late….

However, Landy’s attitude has won an honoured place in the hearts of all Australians.

That was a different century and a different world.

Something selfless and truly good for us moderns to admire and to emulate.

Arnold Jago

Nichols Point Vic

Pensioners get the blame

Surprise, surprise. Pensioners get blamed again. Why blame someone for having a few hundred dollar notes tucked away at home. We can’t use a passbook at a bank anymore and counter service is often difficult. Some banks have pulled their branches and are only accessible online.

 Authorities should be looking at the billion dollar profiteering bank shareholders or million dollar salaried CEOs, and finance specialists exchanging loads of money for profit overseas, and leave the pensioners alone. Politicians and public servants who make claims like that are themselves rolling in money.

 I guess they have run out of ideas for emptying our bank accounts. Bank balances are known to them as the ATO has our bank account details. Government needs to be changed.

Do we still have a democracy?

Jay Naus

Glen Aplin Qld


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