Las Vegas mass shooting: Who is Marilou Danley?

For several years, Australian woman Marilou Danley lived with the man accused of being behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

From their retirement village home, in a quiet town outside Las Vegas, they had desert views and a clubhouse with a gym and pool.

While the gunman Stephen Paddock and Ms Danley were both private, neighbours have said that between the pair they found the Queensland woman much more approachable.

Before he opened fire late Sunday, killing at least 58 people at a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip, he was thought of as a loner.

One neighbour described Paddock as "extremely stand-offish". Ms Danley, on the other hand, would stop and talk to people in the street on her way to exercise classes or social gatherings.

Harold Allred, who lives up the street from the couple, said he and his wife found Ms Danley unremarkable, though perhaps a little odd, and didn't know Paddock. "He was reclusive," said Mr Allred, 66. "We never met him."

The couple were known to disappear for days at a time from their Nevada home, frequenting casinos and going to concerts. Ms Danley told residents there that Paddock was a professional gambler in explanation of their long absences.

Diane McKay lived next door to Paddock and Ms Danley until July, when Ms McKay moved to a different community, but she said she only ran into Ms Danley occasionally when both women happened to be pulling weeds from their front yards.

Ms Danley wasn't forthcoming about her life, and Paddock was aggressively unfriendly, Ms McKay recalled.

She only saw him in the mornings, when he went to the clubhouse to work out. Occasionally, he would open the garage door, revealing a large safe the size of a refrigerator. Other than that, the couple kept their blinds closed.

Worldwide media have been trying to pry open the blinds since Paddock was identified as the alleged deadly gunman behind the shooting. And since Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department send out a request to help track down Ms Danley on Monday, a picture of the life Paddock shared with his Australian girlfriend has also started to emerge.

Eric Paddock, the brother of the shooter, told CBS News that he had met Ms Danley several times.

"They might have got married, but I don't think they're married. She's just his girlfriend," he said.

"She's got a Facebook page, she sends my mom cookies."

Her now-deleted Facebook page showed images of a mother, a grandmother and a traveller who "lives life to the fullest".

Ms Danley's LinkedIn profile said she was a "gambling and casino professional" and between 2010 and 2013 she worked as a "hostess" for the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, a hotel and casino in Reno.

When contacted, spa staff reportedly said they knew nothing about the couple.

"Atlantis has no current information regarding Stephen Paddock and Marilou Danley," the Atlantis said in a statement.

"Ms Danley left employment with Atlantis several years ago. We are co-operating with law enforcement and support their efforts to investigate and address this tragedy."

Ms Danley is believed to have once lived on the Gold Coast for several years with her former husband, an Australian man.

There is no listing for her employment since that time.

Facebook photos show her participating in a gambling tournament in Las Vegas in 2014.

She is believed to have relatives, including a sister, still living in Australia, but moved to the US more than a decade ago.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Tuesday helped shed light on why Las Vegas police named Ms Danley as a "person of interest" and released her image.

Ms Bishop said Ms Danley's ID may have been used by Paddock and that is how her name became involved.

She said US authorities had contacted Australian officials after the shooting to try to track down Ms Danley.

"They did make inquiries of our authorities about her whereabouts, but she is no longer a person of interest," Ms Bishop told Channel Seven on Tuesday morning.

"We understand she is in the Philippines and has not made contact with us.

"But she has been cleared of any involvement in the incident."

After sending out a request for her whereabouts, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement late on Monday night that "detectives have made contact with her and do not believe she is involved with the shooting on the strip".???

On Tuesday morning, the department still listed her as a "person of interest" despite confirming she was overseas on Sunday night when Paddock opened fire and said she would be interviewed when she returned to the US.

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