Remember Donna & The Moderation? Donna’s heading back our way

Want to know what a female version of music energy, sounds and looks like? Then meet musicians Donna (sax, harmonica and congas, musician and songwriter) and Evelyn Heke (guitar), the mother and daughter duo named Diamond who are performing at the Tenterfield Tavern this Saturday, October 13.

So how did the name Diamond come about?

"There's nice diamonds and there's rough diamonds, and we're a little bit in between,” Donna said.

"We want people to feel good and happy with our music. For women we want to show that you can still do it.

“Age doesn't matter".

Donna and Evelyn know what it’s like to get the crowd going from the band days of Donna & The Moderation, where the five-piece band toured NSW for four years solid and pumped out all the hits of rock, reggae, blues and pop. 

The band had popular stopovers in Tenterfield, and many locals will remember them from those days.

"Fans were inspired by our band being almost all female, our music talent, and being family,” Donna said. 

Diamond still has it and we want to inspire people even more."

The duo will be promoting their new EP featuring originals written, recorded and played by Donna.

So the stage is being set for some edgy original and feel-good cover rhythm and blues music, so get along to the Tavern on Saturday night and enjoy.