Show 'N' Shine bigger and better than ever, with more in store

Tenterfield Transport Museum's Troy Hillier said it's taken 12 years of hard work, but the museum's annual Show 'N' Shine is really starting to gain traction and become a premium event in motoring circles.

The event again enjoyed 'perfect' weather, Mr Hillier said, and numbers were greater than ever. There were 750 adults through the gate (children were free) and 180 vehicles entered in the various competition categories, nearly 30 per cent up last year.

Another 11 car owners wanted to be involved but were caught up in another commitment.


"We're just starting to evolve so that it's a good spectacle, although it's taken a couple of years," Mr Hillier said.

"It was an unbelievable show."

Two busloads of passengers took part in the Mystery Wine Tour the day before, taking in Ballandean Estate, Brass Monkey and Rumbala wineries as well as Mt Stirling Olives, Heavenly Chocolate and the Ballandean Soaperie.

Mr Hillier said the tour is what differentiates Tenterfield's Show 'N' Shine from other one-day offerings, as many arrive Friday and stay through to the Sunday making it a weekend affair, which is great for the local economy.

One dinner he attended at a local eatery was in a group of 26, and there were plenty more visitors patronising local businesses besides that.

"A lot of the wives come on the tour and the boys do other things around town. We already have 23 booked in for next year's tour."

He anticipates an even bigger and better show next year as the museum itself will be operational with a rotating display of exhibits, bringing in vehicles from other parts of the country that people wouldn't otherwise have the opportunities to inspect.

With a few final details to work out, Mr Hillier expects the museum to have its official opening in the next few months.

On behalf of the organising committee he thanked all the local businesses who are supporting the endeavour, despite the tough times caused by the drought.

Hopefully next year's Show 'N' Shine will enjoy similar ideal weather (after drought-breaking rain) but it's maturing into a regular weekend for car-lovers from a widening catching area. Mr Hillier said the committee promotes the Tenterfield show at other events, and lots of people went home this weekend with Tenterfield Transport Museum shirts from some passive promotion.

"It's becoming a real go-to event. We'll keep taking it forward with more categories and trophies, and really lift the profile of the museum.

"It will be a pretty cool place to visit."