Tamworth water supply: six megalitres flows into Chaffey Dam

Recent rainfall.
Recent rainfall.

THIS week's wet weather has brought a small but significant inflow to one of the region's major dams.

Patchy thunderstorms have been a lucky dip of sorts for the region, some areas reporting relatively big deluges while others received barely a sprinkle.

However, in a week flooded with grim updates from the unfolding crises across the country, a bit of hope trickled through.

WaterNSW's real-time dam data reported a six-megalitre inflow into Chaffey Dam after rainfall in the catchment.

It is only a small drop in the 100,000-gigalitre Chaffey Dam bucket, but it could provide some peace of mind for locals ahead of the country music festival.

Tamworth Regional Council water director Bruce Logan has reiterated over time how little the city actually consumes during the 10-day festival.

The most recent Chaffey Dam inflow almost exactly matches the average volume of extra water consumed during the festival, according to council figures.

"We have said endlessly the country music festival does not result in a significant increase in our water consumption," Mr Logan said previously.

"We've looked at the numbers and, on balance, the country music festival over the 10 days uses about five additional megalitres in total."

While it was positive to see water flow into the dam, about 33 megalitres was released for town use on the same day.

The council-owned Dungowan Dam received a small top-up from this week's rainfall.

It jumped from 15.58 per cent to 16.25 per cent of capacity on Wednesday.

This, however, mightn't be a great development for the council, after fires tore through land surrounding the dam.

Council staff were concerned about rainfall after the fires near Dungowan Dam, ashen run-off posing an issue when it comes to water treatment.