Big numbers at annual jamboree

Senior girls: Presented by EPC Life Members Don and Sandra Macansh, Deepwater, GIPC Emily Mills and EPC Brooke Klingner. Photo: Jason Casson.
Senior girls: Presented by EPC Life Members Don and Sandra Macansh, Deepwater, GIPC Emily Mills and EPC Brooke Klingner. Photo: Jason Casson.

The start of the new year always means one thing for Zone 13's Pony Clubbers - Jamboree. The annual event brings together teams from every club across the Zone to compete in a multitude of pony club disciplines.

This year it was Emmaville's turn to host and 153 riders took on the dressage, show jumping and campdrafting on Friday, the show riding and start of the sporting events on Saturday followed by the final three sporting events as well as the flag racing and bending finals.

Attendees and spectators commended Emmaville on their "professional" efforts in organising the event.

Zone chief instructor Belinda Williamson was particularly impressed with the "exceptional the level of presentation" as well as the number of associate 17 to 25-year-old riders.

"Horses were well presented, riders were well presented in full formal uniform," she said.

"That pride in presenting themselves and their horse well in representing their club, that was really good this weekend.

"Sitting watching, you could see the level of presentation of the riders and horses was really up there.

While there was a big focus on competition, Williamson said it is not necessarily the most important part.

"Pony club is a team sport and that is why they make great friends and grow up with them," she said.

"It is a social activity, they learn so much. They learn all that horsemanship, responsibility."

Glen Innes cleaned up with a huge number of individual and team trophies.

Full results:

Under 7 girls: Champion - Isla Nugent (Glen Innes); Reserve - Millie Neill (Guyra)

Boys: Champion - Alec Newberry (GI); Res - Angus Smith (Emmaville)

7 and under 9 girls: Champion - Sophia Nugent (GI); Res - Jessica Fletcher (Guyra)

Boys: Champion - Rafe Waller (Bundarra); Res - Austin Kelly (Armidale)

9 and under 11 girls: Champion - Lali Alt (GI); Res - Elloise Butler (Tenterfield)

Boys: Champion - Oliver Sinclair (Inverell); Res - Joshua Bourke (Guyra)

11 and under 13 girls: Champion: Lilly Meredith (Kingstown); Res - Emily Spencer (GI)

Boys: Champion - Clement McKemey (Guyra); Res - Max Schaefer (Guyra)

13 and under 15 girls: Champion: Makaidi Mair (Inverell); Res - Hannah Law (GI)

Boys: Champion - James Rushby (Inverell); Res - Lachlan Cameron (GI)

15 and under 17 girls: Champion - Emily Mills (GI); Res - Brooke Klingner (Emmaville)

Boys: Champion - Sam Donnelly (GI); Reserve - Toby Bruce (Emmaville)

Associate lady: Champion - Caitlin Croft (Arm) Res - Tyla Mair (Inv).

Gent: Champion - Luke Kiehne (GI); Res - Will Wood (Arm)

Ann Crosby memorial trophy for sub junior highest points - Sophia Nugent 96

Graham McDonals memorial for junior highest points - Lali Alt 68

Uralla trophy for senior highest poinrts - Sam Donnelly 72

Tenterfield trophy for associate highest points - Luke Kiehne 88

Roger Braham memorial trophy for highest points in flat riding - Emily Spencer 48

Overall highest point score under 17 - Sophia Nugent 96

Zone 13 chief instructors trophy for highest points in all ages - Sophia Nugent 96

Mervyn Bear memorial trophy for fastest time in the flag race - Emily Mills 40.89 seconds

Kingstown trophy for highest points sub-junior team of four - Sophia Nugent, Charlotte Neville, Alex Newberry, Isla Nugent (Glen Innes)

Inverell/Walcha Cup for highest points junior team of four - Lloyd Newbury, Clare Munro, Emily Spencer, Lali Alt (Glen Innes)

Glen Innes shield for highest points senior team of four - Hannah Law, Ilyssa Newbury, Sam Donnelly, Emily Mills (Glen Innes)

Bundarra trophy for highest points associate team of four - William Wood, Michael Paull, Caitlin Croft, Lucy Wright (Armidale)

Highest scoring club campdraft - Glen Innes. Highest individual campdraft - Lloyd Newbury 88 (GI)

Highest scoring club in dressage - Glen Innes

Highest scoring individual in dressage - Jessica Taylor 193.5 (Bundarra)

Bundarra Pony Club trophy for small clubs highest points - Inverell.

JM Sinclair Memorial Cup for winning overall club - Glen Innes

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