Skill levels climb

Thunders played United at their home ground International Club on Saturday, with fine weather giving the day a bright start to play.

The games started on time with the ref, and linesmen coming out to talk to the captains and set the tone for the day’s play. As the weeks progress you are starting to see the gradual incline of the players’ skills and fitness levels.

The Juniors seem to be moving on through the learning curbs a little more steadily than the adults. But with more practice on the training nights I’m sure the men will pull together and start talking more on the field. Ladies seem to be carrying on where they left off last season, maybe a little more determined to make it to the Grand final than last if anything. Senior Colts are coming together more and team work is happening more readily, maybe the extra time they are spending off the field is also paying off. As they say it’s not what you do it’s how you do it, so doing raffles and the fundraising work of Oracles and Beerfest has meant they have had extra time together to bond as a tight family, and they have their younger counterparts, Juniors with them all working alongside one another.

Great to see the family together helping one another and the club is the winner. Go Thunders!!

Mens Game

At times Andrew Stuart  looked as if he was a lone wolf being left to defend the goal alone, but play was fast and at times furious with Josh at one minute up attacking United goal with Peter, Miles, Cassidy all putting the pressure on up front, thus having our backline right up there too, away from goal.

Only to have the ball stolen in play from their  feet and a quick passing game from United meant that Patrick, Danny, Brad all didn’t have time to run the full length of the field before United had managed to strategically place the ball into the net past Stuey.

Defend it Stuey did, he had managed at least to keep the score to a respectable outcome, and his throat was hoarse from all the yelling for the boys to come home, and help. Talk on the field was almost none existent between the Tenterfield players, United you could here them calling for it in play.

With the coach absent this week from the game, maybe the boys were just a little bit lost, but I’m sure at training Stan will be putting the A back in the game plan for the men. United fielding a more agile younger more or less Senior Colts most of them playing up, and with a more regimented game meant that every move was out of the play text book, with minimal unplanned moves happening. They looked for spaces, made spaces and used the spaces well all to Thunders dismay.

Full time score was 6-0 United.

Ladies Game (by coach Glenn Caisley)

This week saw another strong game from The Thunder ladies, with a defeat never the option they were going to take.

United started out trying to find the holes in Thunders defence and Thunders were doing the same. So from one end to the other the play off the ball went, attacks on both goals, but not finding the net to score.

Amanda defended well, and the backline was never far away with Candice, Amy and Sam Chapman all keeping United well clear. At one stage Amy went into the attacking front line with Sam Gower and Murraya supporting her, but score they could not.

United passed the ball well around the field, again a very regimented game plan, but Thunders did manage to steal it and go for their attacks, and even Courtney tried for a long shot at goal but missed. Tia did her organised raids on the goal keeper and did manage to get her to drop the ball once, but it fell the wrong side of the keeper and was just out of Tia’s reach to be able to get it in goal.

Anything and everything was played at and tried to get a score on the board, but it was not to be. A draw with United nil-all, so Tenterfield Ladies continue on their undefeated way, with two draws and a win in the  competition so far.

Senior Colts

Within minutes of the kick off United were up in Jacob’s face making play after play at the goal. Jacob true to his position made save after save.

Defensive team mate Dylan was there tussling for the ball along with Sam Chapman and Courtney trying to get it up so raids could be made on United goal and return the pressure. Deakin would try to get through, Tia was just dwarfed by the height factor so to head the ball was not in the plan for today.

Sam and Courtney managed to pop a few balls through to the front line for Deakin, Tia and sometime Tom made a strike on United goal. By half time the score was up 5-0 to United, but if Jacob’s saves were goals it should have read 20-0 by this.

Second half came with Deakin and Jack showing the “Blue Heeler” factor in not giving up chasing that ball and player. Sam Chapman did the unmentionable to United and actually did a very well executed and deserved goal for the Thunders. Henry even had a good defensive game and got in the road of United and very strategic times.

Well done, but the result was 10-1 at the end of the game.

Junior Colts

The game started off again this week with players being caught offside. As my daughter would say it’s easy, just remember when you’re playing striker or are up front, keep one player between you and their goal keeper. Hence goal keeper for opposition, another defender and then you the attacker in front of their goal.

The other thing is don’t start running for the ball until the ball has been kicked and then put it in road gear and go flat out for it. But getting past this, the game play was even with possession passing from one team to the other, and raids on each other’s goals.

Throw ins were another worry with the feet not being kept down, but with everything that is new to this division’s players they are doing quite well.

Ceth, Bella, Brad all had some good moves, and defensive Tatsiana, David Cox and Luke all made some positive plays. Sam Gower kept putting some pressure on United with Deakin also supporting around the positions.

Lochlan had a good game in goal with some brilliant dives, and Annie May was fast to clear the ball.

Full time score though was not as brilliant as what I think United would have liked, with it only reaching 4-0 to United, with half time being 3-0.