Illness subdues soccer teams

After finding out that the weather was not on our side on Saturday, player numbers were also at a low for both International and Tenterfield teams. International had already had to bite the bullet and ask for the Ladies game to be a friendly on account of missing players, but Tenterfield reciprocated with a definite yes, as we know only too well how hard it can be to get everyone through winter flu season, and this still only autumn.

This weekend was the start of two weekends in a row at home for Tenterfield, that made for a good supporters roll up at the home ground to watch, and watch they did. The hill around Federation oval made for no car space left for spectators vantage points, but Saturday 21st May is available at Federation too.

Next week will be a reenactment of the close matches of yesteryear against our nearby neighbour Ballandean and that is always good viewing. Come on over from 12pm with Junior Colts kicking off,  to see the complete afternoon with Thunders at home against Ballandean. The canteen has hot food and drink to keep you munching at the sidelines.

Junior Colts

Junior Colts played a full game of  what seemed to be tag. Deakin in goal fought hard to catch, hit or kick away a barrage of goal attacks, whilst  Jeromie, Seth and Bella all ran a very exhausting field for the full game. International managed to attack time after time, passing cleanly from player to player, a tactical game designed to tire the opposition. Deakin, Dylan and Lachlan all managed to steal, intercept and go for some runs at International but half time found Thunders down 5-0. After a much relieved rest at half time Thunders came out with a second wind, Tatsiana stole the ball a number of times as did David. Deakin covered more of the field this time with him not having to return in goal, Lachlan now had that covered. Lachlan  had long shots caught, players running at him but he was fearless as his team mates were, and they just kept playing the ball and trying anything they could. Unfortunate for Thunders but International were just better on the day. Needless to say the score was more than ½ time in Internationals favour.

Senior Colts

Senior Colts met with a superior opposition team this week, on account of Thunders players were absent for one reason or another, making more of the Thunders Junior Colts playing up a grade than usual. I think in total there were three Senior Colts, three Ladies and the remainder a very exhausted group of Junior Colts.

The bigger International players dominated. It was as if the preschoolers were playing the men, and guess what the men won and last I saw the score it was around 14-0. But well played Tom, Henry, Zac and I’m sure you appreciated the help of Tia, Courtney, Sam, Dylan, Deakin, Lachlan and David. Thank you Martin Dachs for turning the game into keep the ball.

Ladies (by Glenn Caisley)

Saturday's friendly match against an under-strength International side was certainly an eye opener for the Thunder ladies. Unfortunately, due to injuries, the visitors could not field their full squad, giving an opportunity for their young fillies to step up. 

International showed their enthusiasm throughout the game with many attacking opportunities. Tenterfield's Emily McMeniman had a great game controlling the backline and shutting down all quick counters. 

Tenterfield showed plenty of patience in their attacking third and finally capitalised at the end of the first half with an excellent strike from forward Amy Condrick. Alana Condrick and Murraya Horan both had excellent games up front, delivering some dangerous crosses into the eighteen yard box. Courtney Moss was unlucky not to add to the score late in the second half with a shot blasted over the crossbar. 

The International ladies certainly should feel extremely proud of their courageous and determined effort. Final score 1-0.  Tenterfield ladies will meet the competition leaders Ballandean next week in what should prove to be a great spectacle. 


Then came the men, International had some aggressive Senior Colts playing up, and Thunders had male egos wanting a winning streak. But fast and furious around the field, up and down one goal to the other. Goal keepers running down the field attacking the oppositions  goal, to return to the ball back at their own goal, and so it began again. Long shots, short shots, passes and hopscotch over the ball anything and everything. Cassidy, Josh, Pat, Iseeki, France, Marty , Miles  and even the experienced coach all got touches of the ball. But alas they too went down but with a point for Thunders on the board at half time it was 4-1.

Supporters please come. We need morale boost for this weekend when we play Ballandean at Federation, starting at noon.


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