Ladies only team to score

Tenterfield Thunders' player Sam Gower was part of a team effort that saw United defeated 4-nil in the ladies match.
Tenterfield Thunders' player Sam Gower was part of a team effort that saw United defeated 4-nil in the ladies match.

With yet another bleak-looking start to a super Saturday of Soccer for the Tenterfield home games, Thunders were not deterred at all. Flu season, wet weather, cold wind and misty showers and yet they came: soccer fans, players, canteen volunteers, referees and parents to enjoy some comical-at-times but mostly nail-biting plays in all games on the day.

Junior Colts fielded full sides even though the weather was not the greatest. Both sides came out with a strong sense of team spirit and you could feel the support coming from the crowd, willing the players through their game plans.

Thunders came out with some good ball skills but United were that more drilled and managed to steal the ball and within minutes were attacking Thunders’ goal. Corner kicks were taken but not converted, but a long shot from United found the back of Thunders’ net to count and it was only seconds from two minutes into the game.

Thunders had Seth, Bella and Greg all trying to pressure United to relinquish a goal to them but it was not to be. Time and time again United broke Thunders spirit to find the net.

David, Dylan, Tatyana and Annie-May all tried various moves to defend and gain ground into United’s half, but the day saw a much more drilled team from United. Thunders were missing key players  in Sam Gower, Jeromie and even having Deakin in goal with the loss of the goal keeper Lachlan meant there were to many barriers for the young team to overcome and holes in the game plans they had rehearse in training.

By half time the score was already 7-nil to United and from that to full time the whistle blowing only meant a higher tally to United. With each week the skill levels are growing for Thunders, but unfortunately not the score tally.

Second game for the day was the Senior Colts. Once again more key players were missing making it a heavier than most week’s team of Junior Colts players for Thunders.

This week the coach said ‘just have fun and see what happens’, and that is what they did. Jacob came out of goal and was on the field stretching his legs this week; Deakin was in goal briefly but did a great job against some bigger and stronger players.

The coach knew that United had a much larger team of players that Thunders who defensive-wise were no match with the small amount of senior players he had. Even Sam and Tia were rag dolls in some of the plays by United, but that only tends to get these two girls motivated to get even, and they move on their emotions, boys, if you hadn’t noticed.

Sam took her turn in goal as she had never been there before and enjoyed it. Aaron was trying like Tia to get past the bigger boys, but pushy enough they weren’t, but small enough to get through some of the cracks United had in their defensive lines.

Half time came with the score 4-nil to United, and then went just as quickly. Second half Tom was the goalie, with runs against United players out in field fighting to gain possession of the ball right up and at times past half way. He even called for the ball while running past Courtney to the United goal. Courtney I’m glad you didn’t do it, he only returned in time to see Dylan and Sam defending the goal against United trying to get it in the net. (By the way coach has said you’re never doing goalkeeping again). The score blew out to full time 11-nil to United.

(Ladies match report by Glenn Caisely.) After round seven, the ladies competition ladder saw Stanthorpe United and Tenterfield Thunder equal on games won, drawn and goal difference. Sitting two points behind Ballandean, both teams knew this win was important. 

Saturday’s icy conditions did not affect the Tenterfield Ladies’ sizzling victory at Federation Oval. The start was going to be crucial for the Thunder and the side did not disappoint.

The midfield combined well early and it wasn't long until Alana Condrick and Courtney Moss set up the first goal. An accurate pass back to Sam Chapman was then sent forward to winger Sam Gower who dispatched a brilliant cross to the six yard box. Striker Murraya Horan made a shoulder connection with the ball which then found the net.

At the other end of the field, runs by United’s Jessica Westerhout looked dangerous but were shut down quickly by the Thunder’s captain, Amy Condrick.

At the half time break Tenterfield led 1-0. 

The second half again saw the Thunder full of confidence and ready to put pressure on United’s defence. Tia Campbell made a number of timed runs into advantageous scoring positions.

A clumsy tackle in the eighteen yard box by the opposition’s defence saw Campbell fall and a penalty given. After much indecision, Moss stepped up and was fortunate enough to get the ball past United’s keeper.

The third goal again was a result of sticking to a well-devised game plan. A crossed ball was distributed near the penalty area and Campbell was able to make room to power a shot into the bottom corner.

Finally, after a move out to the left side, Horan, in an unmarked space, received a perfect pass from Alana Condrick to score the goal of the match.

A valuable three points to the Thunder who are improving with every round. Final score Tenterfield 4 - United 0.

Thunders Men’s team was missing Josh Collins, Cassidy Thrift, Ezekia  and Nathan Landon-Beer and this made for holes in both defence as well as attack. A younger mostly-Senior Colts side was fielded by United and the youth showed.

Some of the plays were executed well but the finish to the goal fell short with shots bouncing off, over and beside the goal posts for United. Thunders pulled together with plays at United’s goal but were not able to find the net.

Defence for Thunders had the ever-trustworthy boot of Danny, France and Pat pulling together to make sure the tally didn’t run away from them. But at half-time United led 3-nil, and the second half found more determination from Thunders.

 Josh Gower, Peter and Adam continually linked plays together to attack but United booted on to a full time score of 4-nil. 


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