Terry O'Connell brings his restorative practice tools to Tenterfield

Terry O'Connell OAM.

Terry O'Connell OAM.

The Sir Henry Parkes Memorial Public School has leveraged some connections to get internationally-acclaimed communication expert Terry O’Connell to share his practices with the school community, and at two free public sessions.

Mr O’Connell’s pioneering ‘restorative practice’ promotes better ways of dealing with conflict and building stronger relationships, applicable not only within schools but in families and life in general. He explains how to respond to incidents where something has gone wrong or someone has been hurt.

He also trains counsellors, psychologists, youth workers, police and social workers as well as teachers in the method.

An invitation is extended to members of the public to attend the parent sessions at the school – on Thursday, May 24 at 7pm or Friday, May 25 at 9am – for a unique opportunity to explore the value of good communication.

There’s no need to pre-register your interest, just come along to the session. Mr O’Connell’s presentation can be life-changing and he won’t be back this way anytime soon.