Group 19 rugby league: Tenterfield Tigers finish their season

The Tenterfield Tigers league tag and men’s team have finished their Group 19 second division season.

With neither side qualifying for the semi-finals, the Tigers took the field against Warialda on Saturday for their final outing of the year.

Hoping to build on their form in recent outings, the league taggers took on a Wombats team bound for finals and were downed 14-8.


“It was a very hard-fought battle and it was disappointing not to finish the season off with a win,” coach Wayne Minns said.

“[I am] happy with the way the girls played on such a big occasion.

“We maybe put a bit of pressure on ourselves to try and get the win.”

Minns said they can hold their heads high after finishing the season as the competition’s big improvers. 

“Our finish to the season, I think our second-half to the season has been really well,” he said. 

“We lost a few close games and had we won them it would have put us right back up in there and the second-half of the season has been really good.” 

“They were all a bit dejected that they didn't win the last game but they thought did a pretty good job in the second-half of the competition, like I did, and were happy and looking forward to next year.”

In the men’s game, it was a must-win for the Tigers after losing to Ashford last Saturday and dropping out of the top four. 

Unfortunately a poor second-half quashed their chances of making the semi-finals as they were defeated 20-10. 

“Yet again a little bit of a lack of discipline but our ball handling and execution was the killer,” captain-coach Brendan Minns said. 

“At half-time it was anyone’s game and who came out to play better footy in the second-half and unfortunately it was a replay of our Ashford game two weeks prior.

“Just poor execution and pushing a lot of passes instead of taking that tackle and trying to get a quick play the ball and play off the back of that.”

While they didn’t get the win, Minns said it kept the huge crowd on hand for the Tigers 100 year anniversary celebrations entertained. 

“But it was a great game of football, one of the toughest games we have had all season. 

“I talked to a lot of the older fellas after the game and they said ‘that was a great game of footy’ and it was.

“It was just unfortunate we were on the wrong side of the scoreboard.”