Peter Allen Festival's Tenterfield Jam Session rocks Memorial Hall

The brave took to the dance floor to show off their best Peter Allen moves during the Tenterfield Jam Session at Memorial Hall on Saturday night, as part of the Peter Allen Festival.

Entertainment including local talent ‘15 bands’, Emma Gianolli and even festival co-director Josh Moylan took to the stage to entertain the crowd, who didn’t need much encouraging.


​Josh said the next Peter Allen could be attending a local school now, poised to also take the world by storm and just needing an avenue to get that start. It is hoped the Jam Session will evolve into that avenue, but in the meantime is was a great excuse for several hundred people to party on through to the very end on Saturday night.

Some opted to dress to a theme (although the theme was a little obscure in some cases), but those out to have a good time certainly found one. Check out the photo gallery to see who was there.