Deepwater School of Arts ready for intriguing play of shadows of the mind

Rehearsals for the drama “Threadly Sins” are well under way at the Deepwater School of Arts.

And “drama” is the right word. It’s set in a fictional small place – perhaps the size of Deepwater or perhaps a little bit bigger like Glen Innes – where the return of a daughter stirs up old tensions.

It’s shadowy in its mood, both in terms of lighting and psychology. What goes on behind the scenes/deep in the psyche?

It’s to be presented on the evenings of Wednesday, Friday and Saturday next week and the week after (September 19, 21 and 22 and then 26, 28 and 29). There’s also a performance on the Sunday (September 24) in the afternoon.

Tickets cost $40, including a three-course meal but less for the two Wednesday performances when a light meal is provided. 

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