Sunshine and smiles spell Springtime for these garden tourers

A shared adventure to discover the joys of gardening had everyone beaming at a Community Garden Tour activity held for Mental Health Month recently, on October 23.

People of all ages joined in for a sunny day out. It was opportunity to connect to services, meet new people, and visit three different community gardens in the Tenterfield area. The Benevolent Society initiative involved little people (Mums & bubs from Tenterfield Social Development Committee’s Lollipop Playgroup), green-thumbed adults and an assortment of others, all keen to learn more. 

Moombahlene Aboriginal Lands Council, Granite Belt Landcare and St Martin’s de Poure’s (Home for the Homeless) were among the host organisations for the day.

Kicking off was the St Martin garden where the chickens patting and picking at giant kale were a highlight. Then is was back to Tenterfield TAFE grounds for a tour of Landcare’s Community Garden. Here participants set to identifying herbs while children were let free in the strawberry patch. It was another highlight.

The barbecue lunch was on the go next door, in Dharbarran Aboriginal Garden. Visitors grazed on fresh greens, took cuttings and potted up plants to take home to grow their own.

Importantly, budding green thumbs also discovered how to access these community assets and get involved.

“Volunteering can add value to lives, and growing your own is a great way to save on a budget,” Benevolent Society manager Jane Hynes said. 

The event also coincided with the tail end of Anti-Poverty Week.  

Organisers wish to thank all organisations that banded together to make the day possible